TrueChem release notes

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Type ID Version Description
Feature  Feature103804.10.0016Fields with matching variables now display tooltips when you hover over with the mouse
Fix  Fix104204.10.0016Error 13 when signing off corrective actions
Fix  Fix104004.10.0016Error 'Incorrect syntax' when signing off Process level Addsheet
Fix  Fix103404.10.0016When printing or exporting the data log, the labels for object field 1 and field 2 are reversed
Feature  Feature102904.10.0015Added a "Pending" line to the Performance Report > Summary > Corrective Action section
Feature  Feature102804.10.0015In the Performance Report > Limits type, cells with older data will not be colored until they are tested with a new version
Feature  Feature101704.10.0015New variables [Obj.LastRemakeDate], [Obj.LastRemakeTime], [Obj.LastRemakeDateTime]
Feature  Feature101504.10.0015Addsheet sign off comment can be shown on the Test Summary report
Feature  Feature101404.10.0015If the addsheet is partially signed off, the sign off comments will automatically show the user name and details of their actions
Feature  Feature101304.10.0015Graph options to show or hide all Bookmarks or to show or hide Bookmarks based on specific types
Feature  Feature101204.10.0015Graph option to show a "Best fit" line based on points shown on the graph
Feature  Feature101104.10.0015Most graph option settings are saved and automatically reapplied when changing tanks or opening and closing TrueChem.
Feature  Feature98904.10.0015Compatible with SQL Server version 2014 and 2012 in addition to 2008R2, 2008, and 2005
Fix  Fix103304.10.0015Error 13 when trying to modify an adjustment amount from the Output tab
Fix  Fix103204.10.0015Error 6 when signing off corrective actions
Fix  Fix103004.10.0015Error 0 or Error 3021 when signing off addsheets
Fix  Fix102704.10.0015Dashboard shows "waiting approval" after the addsheet has been approved but not signed off
Fix  Fix102604.10.0015Dashboard colors from deactivated tanks are ignored when viewing higher levels of the dashboard
Fix  Fix102304.10.0015'CSV Tabbed' output option not working correctly on the 'Tests Performed' report
Fix  Fix102204.10.0015Fixed caption for 'GroupField12' on the Object Settings report
Fix  Fix102004.10.0015Fixed caption for 'Type' field in Object Settings report
Fix  Fix101804.10.0015Error 381 in the Perform Test screen when a Result item is the first item in the test grid
Fix  Fix101604.10.0015Signing off Process level Addsheets too slow on large databases
Fix  Fix100804.10.0015Changes to the body or subject of an inventory based email alert no longer require a restart of the program or DataServer
Fix  Fix100504.10.0015Inventory Lot Label cannot be empty when editing a lot
Fix  Fix99404.10.0015Rounding negative numbers may return unexpected values depending on the number and the number of decimal places
Fix  Fix100704.10.0014INV variables return "Unknown" when used in Chemical Balance emails
Feature  Feature99204.10.0013New file type option for CSV files called "CSV (Tabbed)"
Fix  Fix100404.10.0013Rescheduling rule actions are incorrectly executed at both print\save and addsheet sign off
Fix  Fix100304.10.0013Double clicking on a Requisition row brings up the "Lot Management" dialog instead of the "Manage Requisitions" dialog
Fix  Fix100204.10.0013Retired lots have no Lot Label and will cause error 91 when trying to edit
Fix  Fix100104.10.0013Error 3704 when clicking Print\save when rule on 2 adjustments in the same test have a Schedule action at sign off
Fix  Fix100004.10.0013Error 9 when selecting a result item in the graph list before it is fully loaded
Fix  Fix99604.10.0013Addsheet's Issue Date and Due Date now based on the current time instead of the Sample Date
Fix  Fix99304.10.0013[Adj.PercentOfMakeup] value is not correct when the makeup item is 'by volume' and when the make up unit is a different class than the tanks volume unit
Feature  Feature97704.10.0012New performance report options and additional report views
Feature  Feature98304.10.0011Added additional list separator options to help CSV files open on computers using Unicode
Feature  Feature98104.10.0011Add 5 new columns to the Corrective Action Log for ResultValue, User1UpperLimit, User1LowerLimit, User2UpperLimit, User2LowerLimit
Feature  Feature98604.10.0010Add a delete button to the Inventory Reports On Order view to delete requisitions
Fix  Fix98804.10.0010Host Mode - only first item of a RemoteTestData string is being processed
Fix  Fix98504.10.0010Add amount report uses hard coded comma for CSV instead of the list separator options
Fix  Fix98404.10.0010When exporting the data log to CSV, the header information in incorrectly formatted when viewed in Excel
Fix  Fix98004.10.0009When creating new rules, the advanced action options may be be saved correctly
Fix  Fix97904.10.0007Error 13 when trying to perform a test
Feature  Feature97204.10.0006Last Result Date\Time is visible by default in the Result Settings report
Feature  Feature95304.10.0006Swiping feature in Tablet mode to change the displayed graph
Fix  Fix97304.10.0006When using "X out of Y" rules, the feature to ignore data points already used is not working correctly
Fix  Fix97104.10.0006When using "X out of Y" rules, some rule actions did not trigger the feature to ignore data points already used to trigger a previous action
Fix  Fix93804.10.0006Result may be calculated twice when processing remote data
Fix  Fix93104.10.0006Remote data may not process properly if entered into a result without data in a related input
Fix  Fix84204.10.0006Error 13 when clicking on the column header of the color selection grid on the colors tab in System Setup
Feature  Feature91304.10.0005New variable [Adj.OriginalValue]. Shows original value prior to any manual edits
Fix  Fix96704.10.0005Rule actions based on adjustment items may not fire correctly if the add amount is changed multiple times on the output tab
Fix  Fix96404.10.0005Improved license management when using a large number of licenses
Fix  Fix96204.10.0005SMTP authentication options are now correctly enabled\disabled depending on the type selected
Fix  Fix96104.10.0005Error "-2147217900 (80040e14): Duplicate output alias" on object settings report
Fix  Fix96004.10.0005Error 5 when using the "Do now" option on the schedule via the right click menu
Fix  Fix95904.10.0005Hang or freeze when processing remote data
Fix  Fix95704.10.0005Work location on the schedule log may not be correct if schedules work location is set to "same as object"
Fix  Fix95604.10.0005Add amount values may be incorrect in the Add amount report if the chemical has a unit class conversion and the add is saved in the converted class
Fix  Fix95504.10.0005Prices in the add amount report may be wrong if the unit is changed in the report options
Fix  Fix90704.10.0005Wording and formatting of Change History Notes for Group and Object level reports are inconsistent
Fix  Fix91904.10.0003Input cells on schedule worksheet printout are too small to write in
Feature  Feature95204.10.0001"Tablet Mode" to increase row height in grids when running on tablet or touch enabled computers
Feature  Feature94804.10.0001New labeling and captions on the Performance Report
Feature  Feature94604.10.0001Mobile app can filter results based on result type
Feature  Feature94504.10.0001New variables added to Test Summary report (test dates, optional fields, etc)
Feature  Feature93704.10.0001New advanced option to set the test date and time to the last test date and time used
Feature  Feature92004.10.0001Improved performance of the DataServer on large access databases
Feature  Feature90804.10.0001Test Summary Report can now be formatted to show Test Inputs plus specific INP, RST or ADJ information when referenced by item number.
Feature  Feature90404.10.0001Add an "Advanced" button to the Rules action setup screen, allowing users to select when an action occurs (at Test Input, Print/Save, Add Sign Off) & for what tests (Normal, Start Up, Makeup, Partial)
Feature  Feature89804.10.0001Added an option to the view menu in the grid helper to show all hidden columns in a grid
Feature  Feature89604.10.0001Date columns in the sharp grid automatically get several sub columns added to the grid that format the date differently (e.g. Quarter, Day, Hour, Week#, Shift#, etc.). The new columns are hidden by default
Feature  Feature89304.10.0001Double-click on an attached Document in the Manage Additive screen lets you edit the document path or content
Feature  Feature88904.10.0001Test Summary Report can display User1 & User2 Limits
Feature  Feature88704.10.0001Schedule graph option to change what is displayed. Options are "Allotted time", "Effort, from start", and "Effort, before end"
Feature  Feature88404.10.0001Inventory Management screen now includes a column for Lot Expiration Date
Feature  Feature87004.10.0001Improved editing of System Terms in the System Setup
Feature  Feature86304.10.0001Results/Adjustments can be calculated without Inputs
Feature  Feature74204.10.0001If Inventory is being used, the Test Summary Report will show the Lots associated with each Adjustment
Fix  Fix95104.10.0001Hang or freeze when processing remote data
Fix  Fix95004.10.0001Error 30009 when viewing test details screen from the data log
Fix  Fix94004.10.0001Improved mousewheel support in the grid when selecting new views
Fix  Fix93904.10.0001Removed "One time Re-Test" from the schedule setup screen to reduce confusion
Fix  Fix93604.10.0001"Total" section on the Performance report is not recalculated when the scope of the report is modified
Fix  Fix93404.10.0001Error 381 when signing off addsheet
Fix  Fix93004.10.0001When doing a scheduled Other item that has a "Print Custom" action, the note for that test record says it is "Print Library" instead of "Print Custom"
Fix  Fix92804.10.0001Run-time error "missing operator" when signing off a Group Addsheet
Fix  Fix92604.10.0001Scheduled remakes done in advance from the schedule forecast do not create add amounts or addsheets
Fix  Fix92504.10.0001Error 13 when doing a scheduled add in advance
Fix  Fix92104.10.0001Run time error when performing a test when the TrueChem window at its minimum width
Fix  Fix91804.10.0001Error 0 when selecting a date range in the data log if the tank is using selection tables
Fix  Fix91604.10.0001"True" or "False" may be converted to -1 or 0 in the data log
Fix  Fix91104.10.0001Only the most recent Change History is shown even if more than one exists in the test summary report
Fix  Fix91004.10.0001"Automatically applied" rules may be incorrectly reapplied if you have manually removed them
Fix  Fix90604.10.0001Label on Lot Balance Adjustment reason dialog is incorrect
Fix  Fix90504.10.0001Warning message on Inventory Manufacturer dialog is cut off
Fix  Fix90204.10.0001Error 6 when viewing graphs
Fix  Fix90104.10.0001Groups and Objects on the tree in the rules tab may appear in a different order than the main tree
Fix  Fix90004.10.0001When selecting the Perform Test user right, the Process/Object/Test tree is missing Processes & Objects when the objects contain no tests
Fix  Fix89504.10.0001When Print/Save is clicked, rst.prevvalue & adj.prevvalue in a Rule returns the wrong value if new values for them weren't calculated in that session
Fix  Fix89204.10.0001Labels on Optional Fields 2 & 3 in the manage additives screen are not properly set when adding a new Consumable
Fix  Fix89104.10.0001HMIS/PPE information is not saved when creating a new additive in the manage additive screen
Fix  Fix89004.10.0001Company term should always use the CustomName column in the SystemTerms table regardless of language setting
Fix  Fix88804.10.0001Error 384 when dragging TrueChem from a high res monitor onto a low res monitor and then maximizing it