TrueChem release notes

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Type ID Version Description
Feature  Feature103904.11.0048Option to show grouping counts when grouping rows in the grids
Feature  Feature94204.11.0048Advanced option to remember last logged on user name
Fix  Fix92204.11.0048Error 7 or Error 372 or error "Failed to load control 'ImageList' from MSCOMCTL.OCX"
Fix  Fix144804.11.0047Error 9 when viewing graphs
Fix  Fix144704.11.0047Data points on Run chart not spaced correctly if there are hidden points in the data set
Fix  Fix144604.11.0047Moving range chart shows data points outside of graph area if there are hidden points in the data set
Feature  Feature143504.11.0046New variable [Adj.AddIncrement]
Feature  Feature141004.11.0046Lot labels included next to additive name on the default test report template
Fix  Fix144004.11.0046Error 13 when hitting Ok on an empty requisition list while receiving a lot
Fix  Fix143404.11.0046Graph images in the dashboard output folders only include items on the dashboard instead of all items
Fix  Fix143204.11.0046Changes to the signoff date on an addsheet are correctly shown when graphing add amounts
Fix  Fix143104.11.0046Pressing Shift and Tab on the test input screen moves the input box up to the previous input
Fix  Fix143004.11.0045Automatic requisitions triggered by a reorder point incorrectly appear on multiple test records
Feature  Feature142604.11.0044Add button on Manage Requisitions screen to view or edit Lot Notes
Feature  Feature141804.11.0044Option to show hidden and Start Up data points on the Graph
Fix  Fix142704.11.0044Convert requisition amounts to container amounts if container units were used on the last inventory lot
Fix  Fix142504.11.0044Lots notes displayed via the Lot Notes button in the inventory management screen may not show the correct note
Fix  Fix142404.11.0044Graph options frame may be partially hidden on computers with smaller screen
Fix  Fix142304.11.0044Containers list not sorted when receiving inventory lots
Fix  Fix142204.11.0043Error #0 when trying to add an adjustment item to a tank
Fix  Fix142104.11.0042Chinese characters are incorrectly wrapped on short labels
Fix  Fix142004.11.0042Add Amount field is saved with a negative when creating a new adjustment
Fix  Fix141704.11.0042Addsheet logo not visible in body of email message when using distribution
Fix  Fix141604.11.0042Error 380 trying to view Corrective Action
Fix  Fix141504.11.0042Trying to perform a schedule on a tank that has pending prints may insert an incomplete row into the data log
Fix  Fix141404.11.0042Input and result values may repeat for multiple tanks when using test recall and performing other scheduled items
Fix  Fix141304.11.0042Adding a new manufacturer/product set itself as the default for the product when receiving lots
Fix  Fix141204.11.0042Lot received price is incorrectly increased by 1 if you add multiple lots
Fix  Fix140204.11.0041Scheduled add amounts are incorrect and are very large or very small
Fix  Fix106604.11.0041If an input with the selection table option is the first line in the test grid, the table does not pop up
Feature  Feature139804.11.0040More consumable fields available if using the sign off data export feature
Feature  Feature139204.11.0040Option to automatically delete addsheets is now disabled by default
Fix  Fix140004.11.0040[adj.PercentOfMakeup] returns 0
Fix  Fix139604.11.0040The dates in the title for a graph printed to the printer may be different than what's show on the screen
Fix  Fix139404.11.0040Error 91 when pressing the escape key on the main tree
Fix  Fix139304.11.0040Runtime error 13 when clicking the buttons in the inventory management screen
Feature  Feature139504.11.0039Japanese language automatically selected instead of English when Japanese regional settings are detected
Fix  Fix139104.11.0039Error message "Invalid entries" is shown on the advanced adjustment options screen and prevents saving any changes when use non-English language settings
Fix  Fix138904.11.0039Error 381 when trying to add a new additive on a schedule add
Fix  Fix137904.11.0039Error 0 when using the variable [ADJn.MINUTESSINCESIGNOFF]
Fix  Fix137604.11.0039If two different actions trigger a partial remake, the largest partial remake amount is used
Fix  Fix137304.11.0039Lot total and consumable total may be incorrect on new consumables when using the inventory input
Fix  Fix137204.11.0039Import options on the inventory input screen are no longer performing the opposite action listed
Fix  Fix137104.11.0039Exporting the Addslip Log incorrectly exports both the Addslip Log and the Individual Adds log
Fix  Fix136904.11.0039The Startup Checkbox on the Output tab of the Perform Test screen is set to enabled, instead of disabled, by default to match behavior of previous versions
Fix  Fix136804.11.0039Error 35600 when signing off a Group Addsheet
Fix  Fix136604.11.0039New words and phrases added to the language document
Fix  Fix135704.11.0039Using a PPE letter does not work when GHS is enabled
Fix  Fix134304.11.0039Adjustment totals for a partial remake do not equal Removal totals when water (used to dilute) is included
Fix  Fix134204.11.0039Units list may have duplicate unit names
Fix  Fix134104.11.0039The function "Manually check Start up Test" shows up as empty in the Group column when looking at a users rights
Fix  Fix40904.11.0039Rule Sets cannot be deleted if used in deleted Tanks
Fix  Fix135604.11.0035Error #9 or excessive restarting on DataServer
Fix  Fix135504.11.0035Inventory can be received in different unit classes if there is a unit conversion factor defined on the chemical
Fix  Fix135404.11.0035Empty dates in the Addsheet Log date selector and Error #13 when trying to change the dates
Fix  Fix134904.11.0035Corrected labels for items on the makeup setup screen
Fix  Fix134804.11.0034Error "Incorrect syntax" when changing the Qty Received or Balance field in the Lot Management screen
Fix  Fix134704.11.0033Error #9 on DataServer
Fix  Fix134604.11.0033Fixed caption for "Lot Management" screen
Feature  Feature133804.11.0032For the Display Result As rule action, have the default for the numeric value setting be "Variable" and the variable be "[Result]"
Feature  Feature133204.11.0032When clicking on an Adjustment in the Run Chart, show the Addsheet, Test Summary, and Notes buttons
Feature  Feature133104.11.0032Add day of week to the popup bubble when you click on data points in the graph
Feature  Feature132904.11.0032Option to fix the sizes of GHS pictograms instead of just stretching them
Feature  Feature132604.11.0032Advanced options for [OBJ.GHSsignalword] to include an html container around it for output into html reports
Fix  Fix134004.11.0032Graphs on dashboard may not be visible when using Internet Explorer
Fix  Fix133904.11.0032Licenses workstation list is empty or missing items when using the Buddhist calendar
Fix  Fix133704.11.0032When showing the Effect Of Adds in the Run Chart, show lines connecting Results even when there are no adds to show in the entire chart
Fix  Fix133504.11.0032The Print/Save button for a partial remake can become re-activated by going to other tabs even when other Results need to be tested
Fix  Fix133404.11.0032Error 380 trying to open object setup
Fix  Fix133304.11.0032Bookmark ellipsis button is not in the proper location on the Graph/Options selector
Fix  Fix133004.11.0032Add units to the add amount shown in the popup when you click on an add data point in a graph
Feature  Feature132804.11.0031When showing the estimated effect of adds in the Run Chart, draw lines between the Results that have no adds between them
Feature  Feature132504.11.0030Added support for Japanese language
Feature  Feature132304.11.0030Option to plot the estimated effect of additions on Run chart
Feature  Feature131904.11.0030When the Time Relative option is used on the Graphs, Makeup bookmarks are shown at the time position when the Addsheet was signed off
Fix  Fix132104.11.0030Makeup items added before adding the associated test item incorrectly toggle the "Volume based" option on the makeup item
Fix  Fix132004.11.0029Change history shows 0 for old amount when changing the add amount before sign off
Feature  Feature131604.11.0028User definable index and data files for use with third party systems
Feature  Feature131504.11.0028Changes to the format of names of Tanks and Groups on the tree are processed quicker
Feature  Feature131404.11.0028New option in the Orders Needed inventory report to show Qty Needed in the nearest container unit
Feature  Feature131004.11.0028Schedule Type Description added to the Schedule view of the Performance Report
Feature  Feature129604.11.0028Add Group and Object optional fields to the Result Settings report
Feature  Feature127204.11.0028Modify dlgBookmark to display the Group & Object associated with the Bookmark
Fix  Fix131804.11.0028"Invalid Entries in Highlighted Fields" error on the Adjustment > Advanced screen when Inventory is turned off
Fix  Fix131704.11.0028Error 53 when trying to manually activate with a license file
Fix  Fix131304.11.0028Some balances for a chemical are not updated when changing the stock unit
Fix  Fix131204.11.0028Error #0 when adding a new consumable
Fix  Fix128504.11.0028In tank setup, "Test Report Template" and "Print\Store Options" labels and dropdown may not be enabled properly if "Use System Defaults" is not checked
Feature  Feature130404.11.0027New variables [Inp.Name] and [Inp.ShortName]
Feature  Feature129804.11.0027"Shelf Life After Opened" field added to the additive properties window to support "Opened lots" which have an accelerated expiration date when the container is opened.
Feature  Feature129504.11.0027"preferred lot location" added to the advanced options screen on adjustment items
Feature  Feature127604.11.0027Ability to split an inventory lot
Fix  Fix130904.11.0027When using the Variable Displacement option in tank setup, the Current Volume on the Perform Test screen is miscalculated until the variable displacement prompt is changed
Fix  Fix130704.11.0027Approved date and time on addsheet shows 1980 as the year
Fix  Fix130604.11.0027Entering a zero for the 'Current Level From Top' value on the Perform Test screen calculates the tank volume incorrectly
Fix  Fix130504.11.0027If you're using a Selection Table for an Input, pressing the Enter key on an item closes the list but doesn't move to the next input
Fix  Fix130304.11.0027Selection table entries with a dash in the text portion are truncated when shown in the data log
Fix  Fix130204.11.0027If the Require Approval protection rule is used, the Will Print checkbox will be automatically disabled
Fix  Fix130104.11.0027When the Require Approval protection rule is used, the Output screen mistakenly shows "Locked"
Fix  Fix129704.11.0027In the Details view of the Revision History Report, double clicking on a cell that says "Double-click to view" does nothing
Fix  Fix128804.11.0027Lot balance amount shown on the manual transaction screen may be incorrect when using lot containers
Fix  Fix77304.11.0027Allow the dataserver and a normal copy of TrueChem to run at the same time
Fix  Fix129004.11.0026Error 3021 when clicking print\save
Fix  Fix128904.11.0025Component overlay button missing on graph screen
Feature  Feature128304.11.0023New variable [Inp.DisplayAs] to return the text value instead of the numeric value when using selection lists or other text based inputs
Feature  Feature127904.11.0023TestRecID added to the data log as an optional column
Feature  Feature127704.11.0023New variable [Tst.Comment] returns the text in the comments field on the output tab
Fix  Fix140104.11.0023Error 11 when receiving an inventory lot
Fix  Fix128404.11.0023A retest does not get scheduled from a rule if the rules says to schedule the retest at add sign off
Fix  Fix128204.11.0023Remove extra line breaks and paragraphs from tank notes, addslip notes, and placard notes
Fix  Fix127504.11.0023Error 13 when using the test button to test in adjustment formula in tank setup
Fix  Fix126104.11.0023Options box on the graph screen is too narrow to fit the captions
Feature  Feature127104.11.0022Reorder point added as a column in the "chemical balance" inventory report
Feature  Feature126804.11.0022Automatically export graph images for viewing on the Dashboard
Feature  Feature126604.11.0022User definable data output list for better integration with third party systems
Fix  Fix127004.11.0022Transactions for an adjustment will be incorrectly marked as type "Transaction Import" instead of "Adjustment" if test report tracking is turned off
Fix  Fix126904.11.0022Calculation steps window may be too small on some computers with customized font scaling
Fix  Fix126504.11.0022When receiving a lot in multiples, the container is only automatically set on the first one
Fix  Fix125804.11.0022Overlay graph value scale may be incorrect if there is no optimum value set for the Result
Fix  Fix94304.11.0022Scheduled Add amounts cannot be edited
Fix  Fix125504.11.0021Error "Cannot find LicenseWorkstation" when updating databases below 4.8.65
Fix  Fix125404.11.0020Error #0 when trying to activate processes or tanks
Fix  Fix125304.11.0020The Work Location field may be incorrect in the Schedule Log for Result-type schedules
Fix  Fix125204.11.0019DataServer may freeze when sending emails with attachments or long bodies
Fix  Fix125104.11.0019The "Required for dilution" option on a result item will display a warning message but does not prevent the user from clicking the print\save button
Fix  Fix124904.11.0019Error "Multiple-step operation generated errors" during database update
Fix  Fix124804.11.0019User right for "Start up test" set to "allow" by default instead of "deny" so that it behaves the same as previous versions
Fix  Fix124604.11.0019Error 9 when using the mouse wheel to scroll and select items to view in the graphs
Feature  Feature124304.11.0018Add "User ID" and other user-related fields (Department, Title, etc) to the Data Log
Feature  Feature124104.11.0018"Issue paperless" option on the Other Schedules setup screen to bypass printing when completing other scheduled item
Feature  Feature123904.11.0018The "Will print" option can be turned on or off as needed when print\saving a test
Feature  Feature123704.11.0018Option to email and create a requisition when a consumable balance falls below the reorder point
Fix  Fix124204.11.0018Error "Invalid column position" or "Invalid column index" in System Setup
Fix  Fix123804.11.0018DataServer may restart when processing large amounts of data from external sources
Fix  Fix123504.11.0018DataServer restarting too frequently
Fix  Fix123004.11.0018Test Details does not display Inputs properly when a comma is used as the decimal separator
Fix  Fix122204.11.0018Caption in Sample Date selector dialog when Performing Test is incorrect
Fix  Fix106704.11.0018Cannot edit or delete inventory storage locations
Feature  Feature123404.11.0017Language updates for Thai and Spanish
Feature  Feature123304.11.0017New user right for the "Start up" checkbox on the Output tab in the Perform Test screen
Fix  Fix123204.11.0017Startup screen shows on the correct monitor when using multiple monitors
Feature  Feature122604.11.0016Sample Charges added as an optional feature to the Sample System
Fix  Fix123104.11.0016Error #360 or Error #91 when performing a test
Fix  Fix122804.11.0016Error #9 when trying to print a placard
Fix  Fix97404.11.0016Assign license button on the Output tab in the Perform Test screen now assigns a print\save license if one is available
Feature  Feature122504.11.0014Option to attach addsheets as attachments to emails when using distribution
Feature  Feature122404.11.0012Updated support for barcode scanners
Feature  Feature122004.11.0012The user right 'Manage bookmarks' also controls who can add or modify bookmark types
Feature  Feature121804.11.0012GHS images, Signal Words, and Statements can be included on the addsheet with either the chemicals from the addsheet included or all chemicals in the tank included
Feature  Feature120304.11.0012New "Details" view in the "Tank Revision History" report
Feature  Feature119904.11.0012Better font support for Thai and other Unicode languages
Fix  Fix122304.11.0012Error #13 when adding documents to a new additive
Fix  Fix121504.11.0012MCL incorrectly labeled as LCL on the Histogram
Fix  Fix121204.11.0012Long load times on Document Manager screen
Fix  Fix121104.11.0012Error 13 when opening the document management screen
Fix  Fix121004.11.0012Dashboard main page is not updated even if child pages are up to date
Fix  Fix120804.11.0012Places in TrueChem that display limits such as the Test Summary Report can show blank limits for a recently copied tank
Fix  Fix120504.11.0012Error #0 in Addsheet Log when signing off multiple addsheets and using the "Distribute after review option"
Fix  Fix120404.11.0012The adjustment tree on the rules tab in system setup does not use the fully formatted name for processes and tanks
Feature  Feature120104.11.0011Command line /language or /languageid to set the language shown
Feature  Feature120004.11.0011Added support for Thai language
Feature  Feature119804.11.0011Support for Thai Buddhist calendar
Feature  Feature119604.11.0011Formatting of Object tree name with ability to hide fields that have no value
Feature  Feature118504.11.0011New variable [AGE.xxxx] to return the age, in minutes, of the last Result specified.
Feature  Feature118404.11.0011Added "Qty needed" field to the Additive Balance inventory report. This field is the Qty Max minus the Qty Usable & Qty On Order fields.
Feature  Feature118304.11.0011Switching between custom and standard add calculations can trigger revision history with both formulas
Feature  Feature114504.11.0011New variable [RST.ACCUM] returns the accumulated result values since the last dump and remake not including the current result value
Fix  Fix120204.11.0011Error #0 when updating between versions 4.11.7 and 4.11.10
Fix  Fix119504.11.0011Test comments for print library schedules may be incorrect when completing multiple schedules at the same time
Fix  Fix119304.11.0011When performing multiple schedules, program may freeze or stop responding
Fix  Fix119204.11.0011Error #0 in the SPC report
Fix  Fix118804.11.0011Error #5 when trying to view an addsheet from the data log
Fix  Fix118604.11.0011Error "The parameter in incorrect" when clicking the "assign license" button on the perform test screen
Fix  Fix118204.11.0011Changes to the result calculation are not recorded in the tank revision history
Fix  Fix118104.11.0011Input variables cannot use default values in the variable name
Fix  Fix11704.11.0011"Store as cumulative" option only looks at the last record in the data log instead of looking for the last remake record to determine if the value should be reset
Feature  Feature119104.11.0009New option to automatically create inventory requisition numbers
Feature  Feature118904.11.0009New "Orders Needed" view in Inventory Reports gives the ability to create create requisitions for the highlighted rows
Feature  Feature114604.11.0008[obj.volume] can be returned in multiple units
Fix  Fix117904.11.0008Switching between volume based and total amount on the makeup amount may not convert the amount correctly
Fix  Fix117204.11.0008If comments trigger an addsheet, the interface is updated to show the correct status
Fix  Fix117104.11.0008"DataServer down" error message is too long and cannot be closed
Fix  Fix116904.11.0008Editing a view for a data log immediately after creating it may freeze program
Fix  Fix78604.11.0008Addslips waiting approval cannot be approved and cannot be moved to the outstanding view
Feature  Feature117704.11.0007Option to create bookmarks with tank revision history
Feature  Feature96904.11.0007Option to use GHS instead of HMIS
Feature  Feature115704.11.0006New network folder "ClientSetup" to store the latest version of the client setup program
Feature  Feature114704.11.0006Inventory lots can be received and reported in user defined containers
Feature  Feature114404.11.0006Restore default settings to the columns in Tools > Manage > Object Revision History
Fix  Fix116504.11.0006Inventory "price per unit" may be incorrect if the received unit is different from the stock unit
Fix  Fix116204.11.0006'Result Settings' and 'SPC' reports may show duplicate rows
Fix  Fix115904.11.0006Font toolbar missing when trying to add corrective action comments
Fix  Fix115604.11.0006Error "LicenseWorkstations" when updating from a version below 4.8.65 to version 4.11.3 or higher
Fix  Fix115304.11.0006Missing images when using the HTML editor
Fix  Fix115004.11.0006Addslip shows dates of 1899
Fix  Fix114904.11.0006Error #0 when double clicking processes on the tree
Fix  Fix114204.11.0006User 1 and 2 limits on the graph may not be positioned correctly
Fix  Fix114104.11.0006The line style\dash pattern may be not correct for items with no change history
Fix  Fix114004.11.0006Revision history validation comment box not fully visible on Windows XP
Fix  Fix115504.11.0005Error 91 when clicking print\save
Fix  Fix115204.11.0004Error 5 on start up
Fix  Fix114804.11.0004Remakes triggered by rules my not be triggered correctly
Feature  Feature113404.11.0003Option to include Test Instructions on the schedule Bench Worksheet
Feature  Feature113304.11.0003New variables for input items: [INP.DEFAULT], [INP.LINKINFO],[INP.LOWER],[INP.PROMPT],[INP.PROMPTSHORT], [INP.UPPER]
Feature  Feature112904.11.0003Storage location sorted in alphabetical order
Feature  Feature112104.11.0003Inputs using Selection Tables no longer include the ID number when displaying the data in the data log
Feature  Feature111704.11.0003Inputs can be displayed on the addsheet
Feature  Feature110704.11.0003Limit names use new variables on Overlay Graph and Perform Test screens
Feature  Feature110604.11.0003Add spec limits to legend on Overlay Graph
Feature  Feature110504.11.0003Add Revision number to Object Settings report
Feature  Feature110304.11.0003"R-square" and "Daily change" added to result settings report
Feature  Feature110204.11.0003Allow individual adds to be signed off in the Addslip Log
Feature  Feature109904.11.0003Option to merge chemicals to replace all instances of one chemical with another
Feature  Feature109704.11.0003External Data - Add a new variable for an external recordset to return the sum of result records
Feature  Feature109604.11.0003Include the current database as an option for an External Data Source Library item
Feature  Feature109404.11.0003Include image files, saved as test attachments, on the Test Summary report
Fix  Fix113804.11.0003Decimal settings ignored when displaying scheduled adds in the data log
Fix  Fix113704.11.0003Error 0 when right clicking a makeup item column header in the data log
Fix  Fix113504.11.0003Double clicking tree to quickly switch between tank setups is interrupted and not continued when revision history notes are required
Fix  Fix113204.11.0003Error #9 in SPC Report and other areas that use SPC data
Fix  Fix113104.11.0003TrueChem icon appears in the task bar but the application is not visible on screen
Fix  Fix112804.11.0003Error #0 when adding a new schedule frequency from the "Tools > Manage > Schedule Frequencies"
Fix  Fix112704.11.0003Error "Invalid data array row index" in tank revision history
Fix  Fix112604.11.0003Slow reports, data log, or graphs when using a large Access database
Fix  Fix112504.11.0003Reports using custom scopes may not be ordered in the same order as the main tree
Fix  Fix112304.11.0003Error 13 when trying to view addslips with "track addslips" option turned off
Fix  Fix112004.11.0003Test summary report shows *UNKNOWN* instead of a blank space for inputs that have not been entered
Fix  Fix111904.11.0003General tab in Perform Test and Data log shows "From Top" even if it is set to "From Bottom"
Fix  Fix111604.11.0003Row count in the Data Log is not updated when deleting rows
Fix  Fix111504.11.0003Inventory variables return too many decimals
Fix  Fix111404.11.0003Test summary report shows limits used at the time of the test instead of just showing the current limits
Fix  Fix111204.11.0003Prices may be incorrect on the add amount report if the add is only a scheduled add and not part of the test or makeup
Fix  Fix111104.11.0003SPC report no longer displays an error message if there is not a DataServer or no data for the current results report
Fix  Fix111004.11.0003DataServer Monitor (DSM) uses too much memory
Fix  Fix110904.11.0003Printing schedule worksheet is too slow
Fix  Fix110804.11.0003Copied tanks reset the revision number to 1 and update the the revision date to the current date and time
Fix  Fix110404.11.0003Test button for Library scripts does not work correctly
Fix  Fix110104.11.0003Error 9 when opening the Data Log
Fix  Fix110004.11.0003'Meters per minute' does not show up in some unit lists
Fix  Fix101004.11.0003Option to choose "Responsible Party" for late Corrective Action emails
Feature  Feature108304.11.0002Optional fields on Process, Tank, and Result can be added to the schedule log
Feature  Feature107904.11.0002New SPC report to display SPC values for a user definable date range (more info)
Feature  Feature105804.11.0002New variable [rst.ScheduleStatus] to return the schedule status of a result schedule. Returns "Late", "Due", "Not Due", or "Not Scheduled"
Feature  Feature79204.11.0002User definable Limit names added to the System Terms tab in System Setup
Feature  Feature25804.11.0002Options to create an entry in the event log when schedules are skipped, activated, or deactivated
Fix  Fix109304.11.0002Addsheets marked for approval from a rule still print at Print\Save time
Fix  Fix109204.11.0002Error #0 when selecting a sample to complete in the sample log
Fix  Fix109104.11.0002Typo on revision history report description
Fix  Fix108804.11.0002Error 13 when using custom grid views on a non-english language computer
Fix  Fix108704.11.0002Error 91 when clicking "Help > About TrueChem"
Fix  Fix108604.11.0002"Vendor P/N" column in the chemical balance inventory report is empty
Fix  Fix108504.11.0002Deleting a tank and then deleting a chemical used within that tank causes an error if you try and sign off outstanding addsheets from the deleted tank
Fix  Fix108404.11.0002Can't use double quotes in rule setup and testing for variables that return strings is not possible
Fix  Fix108004.11.0002Tree info box displayed in the middle of the tree instead of at the bottom or Error 13 at startup
Fix  Fix78704.11.0002Addsheet approval only works when double clicking instead of when double clicking or when pressing the approval button
Fix  Fix75504.11.0002When schedules are deactivated, the test grid in the perform test screen still shows the schedule status in the first column instead of showing "deactivated"
Feature  Feature107804.11.0001Result status\states can no longer be deleted
Feature  Feature107704.11.0001Send email alert when a results status\state is manually changed
Feature  Feature107604.11.0001Add new TrueChem variable [RST.VOLUMEADJUSTED] to return [RST.VALUE] adjusted for volume differences.
Feature  Feature107504.11.0001Add High, Low, and Range SPC value to the "Result Setting Report"
Feature  Feature107104.11.0001New variable [Adj.MinutesSinceSignOff]
Feature  Feature106004.11.0001Performance increase when entering tests on results that have multiple rules
Feature  Feature105304.11.0001Limit change history shown in Results Review report
Feature  Feature105204.11.0001Graph option to show or hide limit revision history
Feature  Feature104904.11.0001The Report "Performance > Limit" includes limit history
Feature  Feature104704.11.0001Manually modify a result's current status\state with notes (more info)
Feature  Feature104604.11.0001Time and date range options for the Results Review report
Feature  Feature102104.11.0001Tank revision history (more info)
Feature  Feature99504.11.0001Option to show limit history on run chart
Feature  Feature704.11.0001Addslip allotted time is going off of the sample date/time rather than the test
Fix  Fix107404.11.0001Typo on tank volume tooltip
Fix  Fix107204.11.0001"DataServer is down" warning is incorrectly displayed for users in different timezones
Fix  Fix107004.11.0001New unit "Meters per minute"
Fix  Fix106904.11.0001Hidden test inputs still appear on the schedule worksheet
Fix  Fix106304.11.0001Error 0 when trying to change dashboard update interval
Fix  Fix105604.11.0001Problems viewing or saving limits when using non-custom limit range
Fix  Fix105504.11.0001New variables [Obj.ResponsibleUser], [Obj.ResponsibleUserName], [Obj.Status], [Obj.StatusName]
Fix  Fix105104.11.0001Improved performance for large SQL databases
Fix  Fix104804.11.0001Error 9 when signing off test report
Fix  Fix104104.11.0001Add Amount report additive list is cutoff
Fix  Fix86404.11.0001Placard notes section does not fit in the form correctly
Fix  Fix50604.11.0001Graph points with corrective actions may incorrectly change colors after viewing the corrective action details
Fix  Fix3504.11.0001Input item data history not deleted when an input item is deleted