TrueChem release notes

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Type ID Version Description
Feature  Feature392419.07.0001New variable [Rst.TrendFlat(#)] to check if there is no change from previous points
Feature  Feature392219.07.0001Dashboard rules to change color\status now also change the color of the result description in the test grid when performing a test
Feature  Feature391919.07.0001New dashboard graph output option "Run chart with SPC"
Feature  Feature391819.07.0001Hovering over the Result in the Perform Test grid shows a tooltip with the result calculation
Feature  Feature390619.07.0001Product Key information added to the SPC report
Feature  Feature390019.07.0001Add a "TrueChem" protocol to Windows so that hyperlinks can open TrueChem.exe
Feature  Feature389719.07.0001New Schedule Log view 'Schedule Samples Needed'
Fix  Fix392719.07.0001Error 13 when signing off a Flexible Addsheet
Fix  Fix392119.07.0001"Data type error" when exporting database
Fix  Fix392019.07.0001Default Inventory Requisition emails templates using invalid variable names
Fix  Fix391719.07.0001Flexible Addsheet is deleted when the last record associated with is delete from the Data Log
Fix  Fix390519.07.0001Partial add amount can be wrong for a chemical if it is using a conversion factor
Fix  Fix390419.07.0001After signing off a Flexible Addslip, the Addslip # and Signed Off By columns are empty in the Data Log
Fix  Fix389919.07.0001On the Perform Test screen, the focus goes to the topmost Input after leaving an Input that uses a Selection Table
Fix  Fix389519.07.0001Error 6 or Overflow Error when viewing graphs
Fix  Fix389319.07.0001Inventory Reports caption is cutoff when resizing application window
Fix  Fix389219.07.0001Error 28 Out of Stack Space after selecting a chemical when creating a Requisition
Fix  Fix389119.07.0001Spec limit labels in the Overlay Graph cutoff when application window is wide
Fix  Fix389019.07.0001Allow umlauts in the Library Description field
Fix  Fix388919.07.0001Due Dates on Flexible Addsheets cannot be modified
Fix  Fix388819.07.0001Error 'Syntax error in Order By clause' when modifying the Due Date in the Addsheet Log
Feature  Feature386619.05.0003Test date, End time, and Remaining fields added to Flexible Adds section in the Addsheet log
Feature  Feature386219.05.0003Run chart points are bigger in graph snapshots if using the 'thick lines' option
Fix  Fix388619.05.0003When creating requisitions for chemicals that have unit conversion factors (eg gallons to pounds), the requested amount may not be correct
Fix  Fix388319.05.0003Attachment links added to emails may not be properly formatted
Fix  Fix388219.05.0003Print\save may be blocked when using Flexible Adds even if there are no outstanding adds visible in the log
Fix  Fix387919.05.0003[Adj.DisplayAs] may not show the right value when used in some rule actions
Fix  Fix387819.05.0003Changing the Test date will incorrectly show an error message even it is after the Sample date
Fix  Fix387219.05.0003Inventory requisitions that are automatically created convert amounts to whole unit or whole containers
Fix  Fix387119.05.0003Inventory export may not open correctly if the computer is not set to use unicode
Fix  Fix386819.05.0003When modifying an add amount, an empty tooltip message may be displayed
Fix  Fix386719.05.0003Display as formulas truncate instead of rounding values
Fix  Fix385819.05.0003Error 6 when viewing graphs or on the DataServer
Fix  Fix388019.05.0002Invalid Column Index error when viewing Addslip Log
Feature  Feature384519.04.0001When using a selection table, name and selected value are displayed to the right of the input box
Fix  Fix385719.04.0001Out of memory error and performance issues when using Inventory Import
Fix  Fix385619.04.0001Error 9 on DataServer
Fix  Fix385519.04.0001Inventory import removes single and double quotes from the consumable name
Fix  Fix385419.04.0001Some reports show too many decimal places when using a comma as a decimal separator
Fix  Fix385319.04.0001Email recipient for Inventory Additive Balance at Zero resets to the default value
Fix  Fix385219.04.0001New requisition email not sent when consumable amount drops below reorder point
Fix  Fix385119.04.0001Inventory Price Per Unit not saved correctly if using comma as a decimal separator
Fix  Fix384919.04.0001Graphs with a subgroup size greater than 1 now use a pooled estimated standard deviation
Fix  Fix384719.04.0001Error 9 when closing TrueChem
Feature  Feature383519.03.0001The DisplayAs Rule Action can now use an optional formula to customize the output format
Feature  Feature380119.03.0001New variable [adj.LotLocations]
Fix  Fix386019.03.0001Viewing a graph image from the graph icon on the Perform Test screen may be too slow
Fix  Fix384419.03.0001'Invalid entry' error in adjustment setup when the chemical name starts with a # and some other non alphanumeric characters
Fix  Fix384019.03.0001'File not found' error when printing inventory labels that include GHS images
Fix  Fix383919.03.0001Error 'Invalid Row Position' when clicking in schedule options in Rule Setup
Fix  Fix383819.03.0001'Error 5' when using the Schedule Forecast
Fix  Fix383719.03.0001Makeup bookmarks show as dashed lines in both time relative and non-time relative modes
Fix  Fix383119.03.0001Error 'Invalid column position' viewing Data Log in Data Log Review Mode
Fix  Fix383019.03.0001Inventory Export uses ~ instead of carriage line return feed to preserve csv formatting
Fix  Fix382819.03.0001Error 381 when entering Perform Test screen
Fix  Fix382519.01.0002Error 13 on data server
Fix  Fix382419.01.0002Error 5 when printing a process level addsheet and process level addsheet may be blank
Feature  Feature382219.01.0001Version number changed to match the year and month it was built
Feature  Feature381019.01.0001Add Tank Volume and Unit as fields in the Schedule Log
Feature  Feature380819.01.0001Graph Snapshot image display options added to graph options so each graph image can be customized
Feature  Feature380619.01.0001Add an Overview section to System Setup > Graphs tab
Feature  Feature380519.01.0001New varaibles for product key 1 and 2: [tst.PK1name], tst.PK1revision], [tst.PK1provider], [tst.PK1notes], [tst.PK1revisiondate], [tst.PK1revisionuser], [tst.PK1status], [tst.PK1dateadded], [tst.PK1datelastused]
Feature  Feature380319.01.0001Add an Addslip Signoff type report to the Performance Report
Feature  Feature379719.01.0001Allow multiple rows on Tank Setup to be deleted at one time
Feature  Feature379219.01.0001Option to include test attachments when sending emails
Feature  Feature378619.01.0001Add a graph icon to result rows in the Perform Test screen to view graph images
Feature  Feature378419.01.0001Option to the Add Amount report to include the additives' Optional fields in the grid
Fix  Fix379919.01.0001The lot label shown next to Adds on the addsheet may be incorrect if using preferred lot locations
Fix  Fix379519.01.0001When a tank uses "remove volume of adds", the number of inches that the Removal represents may be incorrect
Fix  Fix379419.01.0001Overlay graph empty when using model numbers
Fix  Fix379319.01.0001Error #62 when signing off addsheets
Fix  Fix379019.01.0001Error "Invalid Row Position" when right clicking the header row in the Addsheet log
Fix  Fix378919.01.0001Product keys may have duplicated plus, minus, and percent signs
Fix  Fix378819.01.0001Error 381 when moving rules on an adjustment item
Fix  Fix378719.01.0001Flexible addsheet looks at System Settings and Object Setup settings for sending emails on creation
Fix  Fix378519.01.0001Deferred rule actions may not get applied to all the Results the rule is applied to
Fix  Fix276419.01.0001When modifying an add amount on the output tab, warn if above the Max Add or above the Makeup Amount
Feature  Feature376804.13.0038New variable [obj.CasHtml] returns cas numbers for a tank in html for inclusion on placards
Fix  Fix378004.13.0038Shift based schedules that start on Sunday may not appear on the schedule.
Fix  Fix377904.13.0038DataServer hanging and restarting
Fix  Fix377504.13.0038Link info field blank when using Data Sharing
Fix  Fix376904.13.0038Add amount change history missing editing an add amount from a flexible addsheet
Fix  Fix375904.13.0036Graph Adjustment Factor is not being calculated properly when using a comma as the decimal separator
Fix  Fix375804.13.0036Add amounts converted to lengths are incorrect when using commas as a decimal separator
Fix  Fix375604.13.0036When modifying an add amount on the output tab the makeup amount warning is incorrectly displayed if there is no makeup defined
Feature  Feature277404.13.0035When signing off addsheets with multiple entries for the same chemical, the suggested lots are split over all add amounts
Feature  Feature190804.13.0035Flexible Adds Lists (more info)
Fix  Fix277704.13.0035Error -2147467259 Index or Primary key cannot contain a Null value
Fix  Fix277304.13.0035Suggested Lot amounts may be incorrect when modifying add amounts from the sign off screen
Fix  Fix277204.13.0035Error #0 when signing of an addsheet
Fix  Fix276804.13.0035Error message "Access Denied - You do not have the necessary permissions to access the TrueChem database" may be incorrectly shown for large access databases
Fix  Fix276704.13.0035Due or Past Due result items may not display "Due" of "Past Due" in the Perform Test grid
Feature  Feature195704.13.0034SPC information in the dashboard graphs use a bigger font to increase readability
Fix  Fix196204.13.0034Hyperlinks in html notes do not open linked content when clicked
Fix  Fix196104.13.0034Error 6 when viewing graphs or Error 6 on the DataServer
Fix  Fix196004.13.0034When using the Set Next option to set the next shift schedule on the output tab, the start and end time are the same
Fix  Fix195904.13.0034The Show Limit History option is grayed out in the Graph options
Fix  Fix195504.13.0034Spec limits set to 0 are missing the limit label in the graphs
Fix  Fix195404.13.0034Late Corrective Action emails sent to the Responsible Party may not be delivered when multiple items become late at the same time
Fix  Fix187104.13.0034Graph not visible after editing list of additional graphs to show
Fix  Fix170704.13.0034Error 6 Overflow when using the variable [adj.fractionofmakeup]
Fix  Fix195204.13.0033Error "The parameter is incorrect" when viewing the data log
Fix  Fix194804.13.0033[Tst.ElapsedDateX] variables do not accept a default value
Fix  Fix193704.13.0033Error 9 when saving schedule options from the schedule tab in tank setup
Fix  Fix193504.13.0033Changes made in Graph Settings in System Setup do not update dashboard and and other spc reports until other actions are performed
Fix  Fix193104.13.0033Allow logging of Samples from the scheduler for all result types
Fix  Fix192604.13.0033Can't edit GHS information from the Safety tab in Tank Setup
Fix  Fix192504.13.0033Error 0 when signing off an Individual Add in the Addsheet Log if that add is on a Group Report
Fix  Fix194404.13.0032Error 13 when trying to setup shift schedules
Feature  Feature191604.13.0016Add GHS statements in Arabic
Fix  Fix192104.13.0016Error 13 when saving a shift frequency
Feature  Feature191404.13.0015New options for dashboard graphs: 'conserve space' to rearrange labels to make more room for graphs, including spc data with graphs, and excluding moving range and range chart
Feature  Feature191304.13.0015New color options for graph colors on the dashboard
Feature  Feature190704.13.0015Add Optimum to Customer Specs
Feature  Feature187604.13.0015'Maximum Volume' option when Object is using the volume control feature
Fix  Fix191004.13.0015Error 9 when editing Shift Schedule Frequencies
Fix  Fix190504.13.0013Error 91 when signing off addsheet
Fix  Fix190404.13.0013Error 9 when viewing graphs or error 9 on DataServer
Fix  Fix190304.13.0013Error 'Invalid object name' on startup
Feature  Feature189904.13.0012New Variable [RST.Normalized] to allow comparison of Results that have different Limits
Feature  Feature189504.13.0012Rules in rule sets can be nested below each other so that actions only fire if all rules in the hierarchy are true
Feature  Feature188904.13.0012User defined variables can be assigned an expiration date\time to live value and will return blank when the time has expired
Feature  Feature188004.13.0012Ability to assign "dependent result" to make sure two or more results are tested before a test can be saved
Feature  Feature187904.13.0012Increase number of schedule shifts from 6 to 24
Fix  Fix190204.13.0012Component overlay data points all appear on the far right side when using the Thai Buddhist calendar
Fix  Fix189304.13.0012Add Volume entry options to Test Recall
Fix  Fix189204.13.0012Error 13 when viewing graphs or Error 13 on the DataServer
Fix  Fix189104.13.0012When running multiple DataServer instances on a single session, graph images from one site may appear on another
Feature  Feature187804.13.0010Add a Status/State column to the Addsheet Log
Feature  Feature185804.13.0010Create Samples from the Schedule log
Feature  Feature163104.13.0010New variable [rst.TimeToIntersect(target)] that estimates the number of minutes until least squares best fit line will intersect the given target number
Fix  Fix188604.13.0010The unit conversion unit field may not be set to (none) by default and triggering a validation error when trying to save
Fix  Fix188504.13.0010Cannot login if the user name contains unicode characters
Fix  Fix188404.13.0010Error 13 on DataServer
Fix  Fix187304.13.0010The 'When completing past due items' > 'Require reason' schedule setting does not work for Other schedule items
Fix  Fix187204.13.0010Error 35605 when moving a tank from one process to another
Fix  Fix187004.13.0010Error 9 when performing a test that uses the variable [Rst.PrevValue(n)] and where n is beyond the range of available data
Fix  Fix186904.13.0010Error 13 when using [Rst.PrevValue] on a result with no historical data
Fix  Fix186704.13.0010Changing the stock unit when creating an inventory requisition may cause the requisition amount to be incorrect
Fix  Fix182304.13.0010mscomctl.ocx or mshflxgd.ocx error when installing
Feature  Feature186804.13.0008Add option to allow operator to set next schedule when skipping scheduled items
Feature  Feature186404.13.0007On the inventory import screen, new options to export templates or data tables to be filled out and re-imported
Feature  Feature186304.13.0007Inventory import option to add or modify the consumable list
Feature  Feature186004.13.0007Reduce screen flicker and flashes when moving between screens
Feature  Feature185904.13.0007Option to enter current volume as both a level from top (4 inches from top) and a volume amount (250 gallons)
Feature  Feature185504.13.0007Add Reorder Point as an optional field to import into Inventory
Feature  Feature184704.13.0007Support for Blue ISO PPE images
Fix  Fix186204.13.0007Numeric values not imported correctly when using commas as a decimal separator
Fix  Fix177504.13.0007Error #0 when viewing the Document Manager
Fix  Fix176404.13.0007Optional Vendor information added to Inventory Import
Feature  Feature184604.13.0006Custom schedule frequency description is pre-filled with a description instead of being blank
Fix  Fix184904.13.0006Schedule timeline graph not displaying scheduled items
Fix  Fix183904.13.0006The variable [Adj.Accum] is rounding incorrectly when using a comma as a decimal separator
Fix  Fix183804.13.0005The wrong GHS image may be shown for a tank on a Process level Addsheet
Fix  Fix183704.13.0005Add amount uses period as a decimal separator even if the regional settings uses comma as the decimal separator
Fix  Fix183304.13.0004Syntax error when using [RstX.ObjY] variables
Fix  Fix183204.13.0004Error 9 when clicking on the tabs to view different graphs after resizing the main window
Feature  Feature183004.13.0003When connecting to the database for the first time, there is a new option to automatically scan for the location
Feature  Feature182604.13.0003Option to show or hide tick marks on bottom border of Run chart underneath data points
Feature  Feature182504.13.0003Option for a Lookup table to use a best fit line for estimating return values
Feature  Feature182204.13.0003Graph option to show a bell-shaped curve that fits the histogram data
Fix  Fix181804.13.0003When searching for lots, columns that contain redundant data are hidden
Fix  Fix181704.13.0003Invalid Column Key error when Finding a lot on the Create Manual Transaction screen
Fix  Fix181504.13.0003Cannot exit System Setup due to "Invalid entries" when using a non-english language
Feature  Feature181404.13.0002New field "Document path" added to grid in Document Manager
Fix  Fix181604.13.0002Some Czech characters not visible when entering via keyboard
Fix  Fix181304.13.0002If the "Type" field is empty on the Group and Object, don't show "Type - (none)" in the info box below the tree
Fix  Fix181204.13.0002Error 13 on the Data Server
Feature  Feature180904.13.0001Added support for Portuguese language
Feature  Feature180804.13.0001Added support for Czech language
Feature  Feature180704.13.0001Inventory option to prevent requisitions that exceed the max amount defined on the chemical
Feature  Feature180604.13.0001Inventory option to make requisitions mandatory
Feature  Feature180504.13.0001Display suggested databases for new users to make connecting easier
Feature  Feature178404.13.0001A few common script errors are automatically corrected when using scripts in the result or adjustment items
Feature  Feature178304.13.0001Increased size of add script box
Feature  Feature176704.13.0001Data Log review option to let the same person who tested also mark as reviewed
Feature  Feature174104.13.0001New variable [tst.ReportHtml] can be used to embed report html into emails
Fix  Fix180404.13.0001When using a comma for a decimal separator, adds on the graph are not display or the values are incorrect
Fix  Fix180104.13.0001When using a comma for a decimal separator, the unit class conversion on the chemical setup will truncate everything after the comma
Fix  Fix180004.13.0001The Risk value in the adjustment setup not correctly calculated when using different rounding factions in the advanced adjustment options
Fix  Fix179804.13.0001Date range picker in the Outstanding Addsheet view is ignored making it impossible to show outstanding addsheets for a specific date range
Fix  Fix179704.13.0001Checking the "Is opened" checkbox on Lot Management screen doesn't always change the Expiration Date
Fix  Fix179504.13.0001when signing off adds, the unit name may not be correct for lots in the lot distribution screen
Fix  Fix179404.13.0001Consumable Type field missing in some inventory reports
Fix  Fix179304.13.0001Status column not updated in inventory management view after editing a lot
Fix  Fix179204.13.0001The Requested Requisition's "Needed" amount shown in inventory reports
Fix  Fix179104.13.0001Bookmarks on overlay chart are not highlighted when mouse over them
Fix  Fix179004.13.0001User defined terms for User 1 and User 2 spec limits not shown on histogram graph
Fix  Fix178804.13.0001Requested requisitions status isn't shown as "requested" in the inventory reports
Fix  Fix178704.13.0001Error 13 when viewing any screen with a grid in a non-english language
Fix  Fix178204.13.0001Addsheet log is slow when there are thousands of rows
Fix  Fix178004.13.0001Risk factor not immediately updated when changing a result items spec limits
Fix  Fix177704.13.0001Inventory containers are not filtered by unit type (volume, weight,etc) when receiving a, inventory lot
Fix  Fix177604.13.0001Data log review option may appears in tank setup even if Data Log Review mode is disabled
Fix  Fix177404.13.0001Estimated effect of adds may not be calculated if the previous two points were results
Fix  Fix177304.13.0001Late corrective actions not calculated correctly in the Performance report
Fix  Fix177104.13.0001Data log review mode can be activated even if there are no data logs to review
Fix  Fix176904.13.0001Makeup bookmarks are visible on time relative graphs if the option to hide bookmarks is turned on
Fix  Fix176604.13.0001Error "Row cannot be located for updating" when using inventory import
Fix  Fix176504.13.0001Error 0 when the usable amount of a consumable gets below its reorder point
Fix  Fix176304.13.0001The Cpk value may be wrong if the upper and lower specs are both blank
Fix  Fix176204.13.0001Costs in Add Amount report may be wrong if using inventory and there unsigned off adds
Fix  Fix176004.13.0001Performance improvements to make Data Log review faster
Fix  Fix175904.13.0001Error 28 "Out of stack space" in perform test screen
Fix  Fix175804.13.0001Add amount report cost not calculated correctly for adds that have inventory lots and are signed off automatically
Fix  Fix175704.13.0001ManufactuerLotID field not being saved when using the inventory import
Fix  Fix175604.13.0001Performance improvements to all screen with a grid
Fix  Fix174704.13.0001Blinking status bar may stop blinking
Fix  Fix174504.13.0001Using the "will print" option on process level addsheets can create addsheet images that do not match what is printed
Fix  Fix174404.13.0001Increase size of date time fields on addsheet sign off screen
Fix  Fix174304.13.0001Column headers too small in Auto Activate\Deactivate screen
Fix  Fix174204.13.0001Error 13 or Error 'Invalid Row position' in Inventory reports
Fix  Fix174004.13.0001If a user has no rights to any tab in Tank Setup, clicking tabs will not trigger the login dialog
Fix  Fix173704.13.0001Error 0 or Error 3021 when clicking on the "advanced" button on a new adjustment item setup
Feature  Feature173404.12.0030Manually add revision history records
Feature  Feature172004.12.0030Data log review  (more info)
Fix  Fix173904.12.0030Manual transactions against a lot trigger the "opened" status and start the Shelf Life timer
Fix  Fix173804.12.0030If you are running versions 4.12.20 to 4.12.29 you need to update to 4.12.30 to fix a bug that could cause a loss of data under specific circumstances.
Fix  Fix173504.12.0030Error 62 when using Inventory Import and an empty import file
Fix  Fix173004.12.0030Limit History lines on a non-time relative graph can be drawn outside of the graph if there are hidden points
Fix  Fix172804.12.0030The [rst.CustSpecState] variable can cause a Syntax Error when used in a rule unless :0 is used in the variable
Fix  Fix172604.12.0030Estimated effect of adds shown on the graph are incorrect if the add amount unit was changed from the default unit
Fix  Fix172404.12.0030Error "Invalid column position" when click on the color grid in System Setup
Fix  Fix157504.12.0030Performing multiple scheduled items fails if the user does not have rights to print\save on one or more items in the list
Fix  Fix172104.12.0028Error "Incorrect syntax near 'Transfer ID'" when updating from 4.8.63 or below to 4.12.27
Fix  Fix171904.12.0028Run charts with no limits, single data points or with multiple points with the same value no longer appear at the bottom of the graph
Feature  Feature170204.12.0027When switching from a standard add to a custom add, the custom add formula will be based on the standard add variables if it has been filled out
Fix  Fix171204.12.0027Copying or exporting data from grids with thousands of rows is slow
Fix  Fix170604.12.0027Graph points may appear outside of border if the results decimal settings are lowered
Fix  Fix160204.12.0027Error 35605
Feature  Feature169104.12.0026Option to hide test sections that are not due or past due from the test screen
Fix  Fix169704.12.0026"No license to print\save" warning not displayed if there is no license and if you are performing 'other' schedules from the schedule log
Fix  Fix169504.12.0026Using the "Add" variable multiple times in an add script may generate a syntax or compile error
Fix  Fix169404.12.0026Error 53 when signing off addsheets
Fix  Fix169304.12.0026Error 0 when modifying adjustment items where the "to adjust" field is not a result item
Fix  Fix169204.12.0026Dashboard not updated when editing or deleting tests from the data log
Fix  Fix168604.12.0026Pressing the tab key when entering the current level does not move the focus to the first input
Feature  Feature166404.12.0025[Obj.HmisHtmlIage(1)] will produce a bigger image than [Obj.HmisHtmlIage]
Feature  Feature165704.12.0025Allow more than one row to be deleted at a time in the Sample Log
Fix  Fix167804.12.0025[rst.trend(2)] incorrectly returns 0
Fix  Fix167304.12.0025Excessive screen flicker in the event log
Fix  Fix166904.12.0025Error "Parameter is incorrect" when clicking the Approve button in Inventory Reports > Waiting Approval view
Fix  Fix166804.12.0025Changes to chemicals do not trigger placard reprint reminders
Fix  Fix166304.12.0025Inventory Import does not work when the source file is unicode
Fix  Fix165804.12.0025Command line params to control starting window state (normal, minimized, maximized) and Z Order (top windows or bottom window) on startup
Fix  Fix165304.12.0025Email relay errors
Fix  Fix163304.12.0025Revision History report not showing all columns if you select the "details" option
Feature  Feature165404.12.0024Variable format option to convert Date variables from Text to Numbers
Fix  Fix165504.12.0024Error 13 on modify adjustment screen
Feature  Feature164904.12.0023A "risk" value is shown next to the increments field on an adjustment item to show the amount a concentration could change as a result of the current increment value
Feature  Feature164704.12.0023Add ID numbers to the display of User Rights in User Setup & User Rights Report
Feature  Feature164404.12.0023Add numbers to each of the Reports in the drop-down list
Feature  Feature164104.12.0023"Acquire from device" button when adding Documents and Attachments only appears when ScanToPDF is installed
Feature  Feature163404.12.0023Option to force Requisitions to be approved before they are deemed active
Fix  Fix165004.12.0023Clicking cancel when testing formulas from the object setup screen stops the test instead of asking for the next variable value
Fix  Fix164604.12.0023Graph adjustment factor isn't updated with changes to the tank's volume
Fix  Fix164304.12.0023Changes to add amounts via the Individual Add view now puts changes into the Change History instead of the notes
Fix  Fix164204.12.0023Result and adjustment items numbers may not be correct after using the "import setup" button
Fix  Fix164004.12.0023Intermittent DataServer errors due to dropped network connections
Fix  Fix163904.12.0023Intermittent TrueChem errors due to dropped network connections
Fix  Fix163804.12.0023Tab key not working correctly on Perform Test screen when the cursor is in the require level input field
Fix  Fix163604.12.0023Typo in the message "[RST.Name] Must be tested before a [NAM.Partial] can be printed"
Fix  Fix162904.12.0023Estimated effect of adds are not displayed in the graph for recently copied tanks
Fix  Fix162804.12.0023Error 9 when viewing graphs
Fix  Fix162704.12.0023Chinese language automatically selected instead of English when Chinese regional settings are detected
Fix  Fix162204.12.0023When determining what test a user can perform, a "deny" right may incorrectly override an "allow" right
Fix  Fix162104.12.0023Limits on "Results Review" report may be incorrect if the result was created using the partial import feature
Fix  Fix104404.12.0023Test Summary does not display Chinese characters correctly
Feature  Feature161404.12.0021Addsheet settings changes in tank setup tracked by revision history
Fix  Fix164504.12.0021Graph adjustment factor isn't updated with changes to the adjustments formula
Fix  Fix162604.12.0021Licensing may not work if using a workgroup instead of a domain
Fix  Fix162504.12.0021If using GHS instead of HMIS, the PPE information is missing from Perform Test > Safety tab
Fix  Fix162404.12.0021Copying formulas from Excel, Word, or Outlook into TrueChem may cause a syntax error
Fix  Fix161904.12.0021"Last month" and "Last month to date" selection on the date picker does not return the correct month when run on the first day of the month
Fix  Fix161604.12.0021Other windows or programs may flash or flicker when TrueChem is running and minimized
Fix  Fix161504.12.0021Licensing fails on access databases when users are mapped to different levels of the shared folder
Fix  Fix161104.12.0021Error " Incorrect syntax near '=' " when trying to view attachments from the addsheet log
Fix  Fix160904.12.0021Sample Log rows may have dates that are outside the date range specified in the Date Selector
Fix  Fix160804.12.0021When attempting to delete a chemical, you cannot exit the screen that shows what items it is being used in
Fix  Fix160504.12.0021An adjustment's associated Result is not being used correctly when it is set to use the Result listed above it causing issues when trying to scheduled a "one-time" retest
Fix  Fix157304.12.0021Empty\Blank rules cause syntax errors when performing a test
Feature  Feature160004.12.0020Changes to the main tree are synced between all running copies
Feature  Feature159904.12.0020New variable [Adj.MTO] to calculation metal turn over. Returns the same value as [Adj.PercentOfMakeup]
Feature  Feature159804.12.0020Update font settings for Polish language
Feature  Feature158404.12.0020Option to import test setups from other tanks in the same database
Feature  Feature151304.12.0020Customer Specs feature to allow multiple sets of spec limits to be used in rules and graphs and Customer Specs report.  (more info)
Fix  Fix160604.12.0020Error 3709 on startup
Fix  Fix160104.12.0020[lib.TableLookupX] and [lib.TableLookupY] may return null values if you are using a comma as a decimal separator
Fix  Fix159704.12.0020Testing formulas from the Tank setup screen cannot use commas if the computer is set to use a comma as a decimal separator
Fix  Fix159504.12.0020"Compile Error" on Peform Test sceen when using a language that uses a comma for the decimal separator
Fix  Fix159404.12.0020Date selector doesn't work on the Samples Report
Fix  Fix159304.12.0020When distributing addsheets, the "Send to Other" button incorrectly storing recipient in distribution list
Fix  Fix159204.12.0020Exceptions incorrectly created multiple times for a late schedule
Fix  Fix159004.12.0020"Variable not valid" warning is incorrectly shown when a variable parameter contains another variable eg [Adj.Value([Adj.ShortStockUnit])]
Fix  Fix158904.12.0020Renamed variables [adj.ConsIsInventoried], [adj.ConsLotBalance] and [adj.ConsTotalBalance] to [adj.IsInventoried], [adj.LotBalance] and [adj.TotalBalance]
Fix  Fix158804.12.0020Error 3265 when using [inv] variables in global rules
Fix  Fix158504.12.0020Click on the tree may incorrectly display a "Move tank" confirmation dialog
Fix  Fix158204.12.0020Document option to show\hide documents on dashboard not working
Feature  Feature157904.12.0016User defined limits added to exported index file
Feature  Feature157804.12.0016Allow the SignOff Notes to be added to the Addsheet when signed off
Feature  Feature157204.12.0016Distributed addsheets not using the document title for the email subject line
Feature  Feature157004.12.0016Sample Report option to "Output only group rows" and their totals
Fix  Fix157604.12.0016Right clicking an item on the tree and choosing an action may perform the action for a previously selected tank
Fix  Fix157404.12.0016Group level Addsheet distribution does not work if the Group report is not set to print
Fix  Fix157104.12.0016Error 5 on perform test screen
Feature  Feature156904.12.0015Allow numbers in Name field when using Addsheet Distribution
Fix  Fix156804.12.0015The "Output report" button doesn't work in the Samples report because of missing file types to choose from
Fix  Fix156704.12.0015When modifying tests included in a sample, hidden items are not checked
Fix  Fix156204.12.0015The customizable Approval section for the Addsheet only works if the Addsheet is set to be printed to the printer
Fix  Fix156104.12.0015Error 0 on DataServer
Feature  Feature155904.12.0014New user rights for modifying sample charge amounts
Feature  Feature155804.12.0014Distribution labels 'Distribution Information', 'Distribution List', and 'Phone' are now editable terms
Feature  Feature155604.12.0014Show charge totals in the sample report when charges are turned on and when the reported is grouped
Feature  Feature155404.12.0014When logging a new sample, allow importing of tests from a predetermined template tank
Feature  Feature155304.12.0014New Distribution option to "Distribute on Sample Batch print"
Feature  Feature154704.12.0014Option to temporarily hide a result while performing a test
Feature  Feature154604.12.0014Option to set new default values when creating a new group
Feature  Feature154404.12.0014New modify button on output tab to edit sample info before printing\saving
Feature  Feature154204.12.0014New "Don't allow sample logging" option on Process Setup
Feature  Feature154104.12.0014Option to require a sample date on new samples
Feature  Feature154004.12.0014New Print button on sample log to print sample label or sample worksheet
Feature  Feature153704.12.0014New "Sample Charges" report added
Feature  Feature153104.12.0014Override option for charges in the sample info screen
Fix  Fix156004.12.0014Error 5 on startup
Fix  Fix155704.12.0014When editing a label in the label editor, the background highlight color is lighter to make it easier to see
Fix  Fix154504.12.0014Blue boxes on tree are not removed when deleting samples or sample batches
Fix  Fix153904.12.0014Result, Adjustment, and Inputs items being overwritten by records from other tanks
Fix  Fix155104.12.0012Error 0 on overlay graph
Fix  Fix154304.12.0012Cannot find file\Automation error when accessing files in OldReports
Fix  Fix153804.12.0011Some QR codes not scanning correctly
Fix  Fix153604.12.0011Some INV variables are not available in outgoing emails when Requisitions are created or received
Fix  Fix153404.12.0011When configuring rules that send emails, warn when subject and body are set the default value "(none)" to prevent emails with no content
Feature  Feature153004.12.0010Distribution list is sorted and only active users will appear when you try and add a new recipient
Feature  Feature152904.12.0010"Send to other" option on the distribution screen to send to recipients without saving the recipient selection for future distributions
Feature  Feature152604.12.0010"Barcode 3 of 9" font installed and used by default in sample labels
Feature  Feature152504.12.0010Add right click menu to Sample Log
Feature  Feature152304.12.0010New variables [Grp.distemail], [Grp.DistPhone], [Grp.DistFax]
Feature  Feature152204.12.0010Option to print sample labels when logging a new sample
Feature  Feature152104.12.0010More formatting options for sample number including [year]-0000#
Feature  Feature151904.12.0010Allow review of samples in a batch if not all samples have been tested yet
Fix  Fix152804.12.0010Menu bar disappears when viewing the Sample Log or Log Samples screen
Fix  Fix152704.12.0010ObjectField1 and ObjectField2 not displaying correctly on Sample labels
Fix  Fix152004.12.0010Sample info window is too small for some font scaling settings
Fix  Fix151804.12.0007Addslip tab in Group setup is partially blocked if the Sample Charge system is on
Fix  Fix151704.12.0007Error 35600 in Group setup
Feature  Feature150804.12.0006New variable [Rst.PercentChange] to return the difference between the current data point and the previous. Number returned is the percentage as a decimal (0.25 would indicate as 25% change)
Feature  Feature150004.12.0006'By Gauge' and 'By User' view options added to the 'Test Performed By' report
Fix  Fix151204.12.0006Additives set to dilute may display the incorrect unit on the addsheet and sign off screens if the unit is different from the unit defined on the tank
Fix  Fix151104.12.0006Error 'Component 'SysInfo.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered'
Fix  Fix151004.12.0006Separate each GHS hazard statement and precautionary statement with a carriage return instead of letting them run on
Fix  Fix150204.12.0006Error 28 'Out of stack space'
Fix  Fix149804.12.0006"Add is auto signed off" option does not deduct amount from inventory. Option added to toggle automatic inventory deduction
Feature  Feature149704.12.0005When selecting PPE for tanks or consumables, allow Face Shield and Goggles to be selected together
Feature  Feature149304.12.0005Addsheet approval section can be updated when the addsheet is approved
Feature  Feature148904.12.0005Option to email addsheets on approval
Feature  Feature148804.12.0005New variable [Rst.Trend(#)] to check for up and down trends
Feature  Feature148104.12.0005Show removals as a percentage of the volume when a tank volume is unknown (-1)
Feature  Feature148004.12.0005Option to print separate sample labels for each unique gauge
Feature  Feature147504.12.0005Option to print sample and inventory labels at the same time
Feature  Feature147304.12.0005Option to use GHS image on a sample or inventory label
Feature  Feature147204.12.0005New general variables [DayOfWeek], [DayOfWeekShort], [Weekday] and [Hour]
Feature  Feature147104.12.0005New variables [RST.ScheduleFrequencyLevel] and [RST.SchedFreqLevel]
Fix  Fix150104.12.0005Improved support for inventory QR codes
Fix  Fix149904.12.0005Gauge R&R percentage does not allow decimals
Fix  Fix149504.12.0005Licenses may be reset if there are multiple clients in various time zones or using different date and time formats
Fix  Fix149404.12.0005Error 380 in user setup
Fix  Fix149004.12.0005Limit removal percentage amount to two decimal places
Fix  Fix148404.12.0005Lots created via inventory import may not show up on reports
Fix  Fix148304.12.0005Error 9 in perform test screen
Fix  Fix148204.12.0005Option to remove Adjustments header and section on addsheet if no ads are called for
Fix  Fix147604.12.0005Error #0 in Tools > Manage > Inventory Containers
Fix  Fix147404.12.0005Remove HTML from the Inventory Notes when exporting to XML
Feature  Feature147004.12.0003Options to email Addsheet when it is created
Feature  Feature146904.12.0003New variable [rst.gauge] to return the gauge description associated with a result
Feature  Feature146604.12.0003Optional fields added to samples and new variables to access them [tst.samplefield1], [tst.samplefield2], etc
Feature  Feature146304.12.0003When exporting requisitions, use Lot ID for the file name instead of the requisition number
Feature  Feature146204.12.0003Option to show Qty needed field as 0 when the Usable Qty is above the reorder point
Feature  Feature146104.12.0003Include requisition notes when exporting requisition data
Fix  Fix146704.12.0003Cannot delete rows in the label editor
Fix  Fix146504.12.0003Graph lines may not be in the correct position when using the Time Relative option
Fix  Fix146004.12.0003Pressing the enter key when entering the current level does not move the focus to the first input
Fix  Fix145904.12.0003Adjustment items variables may be empty if the adjustment is a scheduled add
Feature  Feature145704.12.0002New option for inventory requisitions to start with the status "Requested" instead of the default "On Order"
Feature  Feature145604.12.0002Option to export inventory requisition data to XML when requisitions are created
Feature  Feature145304.12.0002Documents attached to an object or an additive used in an object can be accessed via a link on the dashboard
Feature  Feature141104.12.0002New variables to check inventory options and balance in rules. Variables are [Adj.ConsIsInventoried], [Adj.ConsLotBalance], [Adj.ConsTotalBalance]
Feature  Feature138504.12.0002Show Addsheet sign off comments as an optional column in the data log
Fix  Fix145504.12.0002Error 381 when performing a test
Fix  Fix127804.12.0002Test Input Value Restrictions will allow a negative number even if lower is set to zero
Feature  Feature145104.12.0001New variable [OBJ.SAFETYIMAGE] returns the HTML image for HMIS or GHS based on System Setting
Feature  Feature145004.12.0001Hardware Keys\Dongles will be converted to digital licenses after database activation. See update instructions for more information.
Feature  Feature140604.12.0001Results global variable name added to Result Settings report
Feature  Feature140304.12.0001New column in Data Log (hidden by default) to indicate if the test called for a new makeup
Feature  Feature125704.12.0001Redirect file available to help IT remap client computers to a new database location
Feature  Feature78404.12.0001New variables [Adj.MakeupAmount] returns makeup amount of additive in the makeup units, [Adj.MakeupUnit] returns unit name of the additive's makeup unit, [Adj.MakeupShortUnit] returns unit abbreviation of the additive's makeup unit, [adj.FractionOfMakeup] returns adjustment amount in terms of fraction (in format 0.00) of the makeup amount for the additive. 0.50 = 50%, 1.00 = 100%, etc.
Feature  Feature77004.12.0001CAS# can be associated with additives and usage information can be viewed via the add amount report (more info)
Feature  Feature64004.12.0001New variables to detect trends in data. [Rst.TrendUp(#)] [Rst.TrendDown(#)] and [Rst.TrendSawtooth(#)]. Replace # with the number of points you want to include in check. Returns 1 if a trend is detected and 0 if not.  (more info)
Fix  Fix153504.12.0001Requisitions mislabeled as Purchase orders in some labels and captions
Fix  Fix145204.12.0001Data points and lines on graph are not aligned on non-time relative graphs when bookmarks are present
Fix  Fix136704.12.0001Cannot exit Lot Management or View Lot details screen
Fix  Fix76404.12.0001Schedule Frequency and Status columns show incorrect values when not using English language settings