TrueChem release notes

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Type ID Version Description
Fix  Fix121604.09.0017Error 70 when entering a test or when testing a script from the result setup or adjustment setup screen
Fix  Fix89404.09.0017Application locks up\hangs when trying to go to the perform test screen on some computers
Fix  Fix88504.09.0016Graph data may be mislabeled when results from multiple tanks are added to a the list of available graphs
Feature  Feature87604.09.0015HTML path read from the registry may contain TrueChem variables
Feature  Feature86104.09.0015New variable [Adj.Cost] to return the cost of the add amount and [Adj.CostTotal] and [Tst.AddCostTotal] to return cost of all adds on a test
Feature  Feature85904.09.0015Add a new variable for an external recordset to return the number or result records
Feature  Feature85604.09.0015New Option on the rules tab in system setup to automatically apply Rule Sets to newly created Results and Adjustments
Feature  Feature84904.09.0015New "Performance" report summarizes performance of Test Results & adherence to Schedule
Feature  Feature76504.09.0015New Option on the rules tab in system setup to automatically apply Rule Sets to newly created Results and Adjustments
Fix  Fix88104.09.0015Error #13 when trying to delete a chemical
Fix  Fix88004.09.0015When "require level input" is in use, the tab key can't set the focus to the first input box on the Perform Test screen
Fix  Fix87904.09.0015Some Monthly Frequencies when set to a specific date of the month, may not re-calculate properly
Fix  Fix87704.09.0015The "Perform Tests" user right is not granted if it is applied at the Test level of the user rights tree.
Fix  Fix87504.09.0015When selecting the View Tank Setup right, the Process/Object tree is missing Processes & Objects that have no tests in them
Fix  Fix87404.09.0015When signing off Process Addsheets, the "negative lot balance" warning is shown for adds that are unchecked
Fix  Fix87204.09.0015Result Settings Report - add additional SPC values such as Pp, Ppk, Sigma, etc.
Fix  Fix87104.09.0015Type column in the Addsheet log is not displaying correct information for Test items
Fix  Fix86504.09.0015When using multiple dashboards, the selection tree may be empty for all other dashboards except the first one
Fix  Fix86204.09.0015Messages with Unicode characters may be blank when viewed on non-unicode systems
Fix  Fix86004.09.0015Database updates from 4.7 and 4.8 may be slow on really large databases
Fix  Fix85804.09.0015Calculating the HIGH or LOW of an External Data recordset is not including all records
Fix  Fix85504.09.0015When adding a new item to the test in tank setup, the top options are hidden after choosing the initial test type to help prevent confusion
Fix  Fix85404.09.0015Error #6 when trying to modify or delete a library item
Fix  Fix85204.09.0015Error #91 when adding or modifying system rule sets
Fix  Fix85104.09.0015Error #35600 when adding or modifying system rule sets
Feature  Feature85704.09.0011Users can now "attach" files to Tests, Addsheets, and Exceptions. (more info)
Fix  Fix87304.09.0011Error #9 when signing off process level addsheets with more than 10 available inventory lots
Feature  Feature84804.09.0010Improved support for landscape printing
Feature  Feature82904.09.0010View and add additional notes to the "test comments" field in the data log. Right click the cell in the data log and choose the "Notes" option to view or add notes
Feature  Feature68204.09.0010Add the Optional fields associated with a Consumable to the Inventory's Consumable & Lot Balance Reports
Fix  Fix84604.09.0010Notes on the Notes tab in perform test may be blank or empty
Fix  Fix84504.09.0010The shift times for second shift in the schedule setup are reversed
Fix  Fix84004.09.0010The "Last changed" date in tank setup is not always updated when leaving tank setup
Fix  Fix83904.09.0010Rules using [rst.prevvalue] or [adj.prevvalue] may not perform some rule actions when clicking print\save
Fix  Fix83804.09.0010Sorting of Processes and Tanks may not match the sorting on the tree in some reports when using custom scopes
Fix  Fix83704.09.0010Default values for numeric files do not use the correct decimal separator when the decimal separator is defined as a comma or other symbol
Fix  Fix83604.09.0010Option to print\store addsheets when comments are entered
Fix  Fix83504.09.0010Inactive users are still included in email messages
Fix  Fix83404.09.0010"Add increments" may show an invalid number when using an alternative decimal separator such as a comma
Fix  Fix83304.09.0010User passwords with special symbols cannot be verified
Fix  Fix82804.09.0010Invalid characters in language overlay file
Fix  Fix82704.09.0010Invalid index in language overlay file
Fix  Fix80504.09.0010Makeup amounts calculated by volume may not be correct if the add unit differs from the tank unit
Fix  Fix72604.09.0010Tools > Manage > Rule Sets is sometimes incorrectly disabled
Fix  Fix72104.09.0010Changing the unit of the tank does not automatically update the "for every" field in the adjustment setup
Fix  Fix41004.09.0010Percent of remake values are incorrectly recalculated when the units are changed
Fix  Fix83204.09.0009Error # 13 when signing off adds with inventory and using a non-period decimal separator
Feature  Feature83004.09.0008Additional date and time related columns added to the Result Settings report
Feature  Feature81904.09.0008The Optional Group fields can be shown on the Tank settings report
Feature  Feature81704.09.0008Performance improvements on screens where process and tank trees are shown
Feature  Feature81604.09.0008Loading and viewing scopes may be slow in large databases
Feature  Feature77104.09.0008Allow the optional Group fields to be in the Tank Settings report
Feature  Feature3704.09.0008Safety equipment icons can be shown on addslip
Fix  Fix83104.09.0008Error #9 when trying to modify a scheduled add with multiple add values
Fix  Fix82404.09.0008Performance improvements on screens where process and tank trees are shown
Fix  Fix82204.09.0008The email "from" and "reply to" addresses are now correctly set in the email headers
Fix  Fix81004.09.0008The Sample count in the status bar is now correctly refreshed on all computers when the count changes
Fix  Fix80904.09.0008Error # 0 when trying to email or distribute an addsheet
Feature  Feature80704.09.0007A "More" button has been added to the Perform Test > General tab to display the optional tank fields
Fix  Fix80804.09.0007When addslips are not being tracked, amounts should still be deducted from inventory lots
Fix  Fix76304.09.0007Error # 0 when viewing the addslip log
Feature  Feature79704.09.0006Changes made to the System Setup are now sent to open sessions and you no longer need to restart TrueChem or the DataServer manually
Fix  Fix80304.09.0006Error # 9 when viewing the data log
Fix  Fix80204.09.0006An Adjustment split among more than one inventory lot now shows accurate cost totals on the Add Amount Report
Fix  Fix80004.09.0006DataServer Monitor RAM usage grows slowly over time until it crashes, please update to version 3.34 or higher
Feature  Feature79404.09.0005Expired lots are now unexpired when editing the lot expiration date
Feature  Feature78804.09.0005Message is shown if an add amount is automatically redistributed between inventory lots
Feature  Feature78504.09.0005Added an Lot import option to the 'Inventory Import' feature
Feature  Feature77704.09.0005The Sample Worksheet can now display 'Inputs Limits' and 'Last Value entered'
Feature  Feature77604.09.0005The Bench Worksheet created from the Schedule can now display 'Inputs Limits' in addition to the 'Last Value entered'
Feature  Feature77504.09.0005The scope for the 'Results review' report can be selected down to the Result level instead of just the object level
Feature  Feature71104.09.0005A note can now be added or required when deleting a cell from the Data Log
Fix  Fix79904.09.0005Error 'Invalid column index' when trying to sign off an addsheet
Fix  Fix79804.09.0005Error # 0 on DataServer
Fix  Fix79504.09.0005Lot balance warning message sometimes keeps reappearing when you edit a lot balance
Fix  Fix79304.09.0005Error 'Invalid column name' when using placards and the 'required' option
Fix  Fix79004.09.0005When using process level addsheets, the user right 'Signoff addsheets' is now applied to all tanks on the addsheet instead of just the process
Fix  Fix78904.09.0005Error 13 when signing off an addsheet after an add amount has been modified
Fix  Fix77904.09.0005Error 5 when viewing System Setup with a user account with limited rights to the System Setup
Fix  Fix77204.09.0005Input limit warnings and messages may not go away if the input is reentered with a value inside the limits
Fix  Fix75104.09.0005If a dilution is triggered and then cancelled by another action such as reentering a test value, some additives used in the dilution may still show up on the addsheet
Fix  Fix75004.09.0005When viewing the details of a data point in the graphs, the button to view the addsheet will not show any process level addsheets
Fix  Fix58404.09.0005Improved automatic column resizing in the grids
Feature  Feature76704.09.0004PPE images can now be enlarged when used in addsheets and tank placards
Feature  Feature74904.09.0004When adding graphs items from different tanks, the name shown on the tree is used instead of the tank description
Feature  Feature74404.09.0004Scheduled adds can now have more than one additive, making it easier to add multiple additives on the same frequency
Fix  Fix76904.09.0004Lookup Tables do not support alternative decimal separators such as the comma
Fix  Fix76804.09.0004"Last month" and "Last month to date" date selections return the wrong range when using date formats such as "DD/MM/YYYY" or "YYYY/MM/DD"
Fix  Fix75704.09.0004User1 and User2 limits cannot be set to the same values
Fix  Fix75604.09.0004Error 5 when converting units using the unit conversion feature
Fix  Fix75404.09.0004Reports saved in CSV format when using Unicode mode may not properly show Unicode characters
Fix  Fix74804.09.0004Error 9 when selecting the 'Volume Adjusted' option in the graphs
Fix  Fix74704.09.0004The partial remake section on the result setup screen has been reworded when switching between the "Above" and "Below" options to make it easier to understand
Feature  Feature74004.09.0003Modifying an add amount will automatically redistribute inventory lots based on the new amount if the auto redistribute feature is turned on
Feature  Feature73904.09.0003Consumable balances in the inventory system can be imported via an user supplied csv file (more info)
Fix  Fix74304.09.0003The dashboard selection tree may be reset when updating from version 4.7 to 4.8
Fix  Fix74104.09.0002The first item on the dashboard may incorrectly show due or past due for tests, adds, or corrective actions
Fix  Fix73604.09.0001Error 13 when pressing the print\save button