TrueChem release notes

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Type ID Version Description
Feature  Feature392419.07.0001New variable [Rst.TrendFlat(#)] to check if there is no change from previous points
Feature  Feature392219.07.0001Dashboard rules to change color\status now also change the color of the result description in the test grid when performing a test
Feature  Feature391919.07.0001New dashboard graph output option "Run chart with SPC"
Feature  Feature391819.07.0001Hovering over the Result in the Perform Test grid shows a tooltip with the result calculation
Feature  Feature390619.07.0001Product Key information added to the SPC report
Feature  Feature390019.07.0001Add a "TrueChem" protocol to Windows so that hyperlinks can open TrueChem.exe
Feature  Feature389719.07.0001New Schedule Log view 'Schedule Samples Needed'
Feature  Feature386619.05.0003Test date, End time, and Remaining fields added to Flexible Adds section in the Addsheet log
Feature  Feature386219.05.0003Run chart points are bigger in graph snapshots if using the 'thick lines' option
Feature  Feature384519.04.0001When using a selection table, name and selected value are displayed to the right of the input box
Feature  Feature383519.03.0001The DisplayAs Rule Action can now use an optional formula to customize the output format
Feature  Feature380119.03.0001New variable [adj.LotLocations]
Feature  Feature382219.01.0001Version number changed to match the year and month it was built
Feature  Feature381019.01.0001Add Tank Volume and Unit as fields in the Schedule Log
Feature  Feature380819.01.0001Graph Snapshot image display options added to graph options so each graph image can be customized
Feature  Feature380619.01.0001Add an Overview section to System Setup > Graphs tab
Feature  Feature380519.01.0001New varaibles for product key 1 and 2: [tst.PK1name], tst.PK1revision], [tst.PK1provider], [tst.PK1notes], [tst.PK1revisiondate], [tst.PK1revisionuser], [tst.PK1status], [tst.PK1dateadded], [tst.PK1datelastused]
Feature  Feature380319.01.0001Add an Addslip Signoff type report to the Performance Report
Feature  Feature379719.01.0001Allow multiple rows on Tank Setup to be deleted at one time
Feature  Feature379219.01.0001Option to include test attachments when sending emails
Feature  Feature378619.01.0001Add a graph icon to result rows in the Perform Test screen to view graph images
Feature  Feature378419.01.0001Option to the Add Amount report to include the additives' Optional fields in the grid
Feature  Feature376804.13.0038New variable [obj.CasHtml] returns cas numbers for a tank in html for inclusion on placards
Feature  Feature277404.13.0035When signing off addsheets with multiple entries for the same chemical, the suggested lots are split over all add amounts
Feature  Feature190804.13.0035Flexible Adds Lists (more info)
Feature  Feature195704.13.0034SPC information in the dashboard graphs use a bigger font to increase readability
Feature  Feature191604.13.0016Add GHS statements in Arabic
Feature  Feature191404.13.0015New options for dashboard graphs: 'conserve space' to rearrange labels to make more room for graphs, including spc data with graphs, and excluding moving range and range chart
Feature  Feature191304.13.0015New color options for graph colors on the dashboard
Feature  Feature190704.13.0015Add Optimum to Customer Specs
Feature  Feature187604.13.0015'Maximum Volume' option when Object is using the volume control feature
Feature  Feature189904.13.0012New Variable [RST.Normalized] to allow comparison of Results that have different Limits
Feature  Feature189504.13.0012Rules in rule sets can be nested below each other so that actions only fire if all rules in the hierarchy are true
Feature  Feature188904.13.0012User defined variables can be assigned an expiration date\time to live value and will return blank when the time has expired
Feature  Feature188004.13.0012Ability to assign "dependent result" to make sure two or more results are tested before a test can be saved
Feature  Feature187904.13.0012Increase number of schedule shifts from 6 to 24
Feature  Feature187804.13.0010Add a Status/State column to the Addsheet Log
Feature  Feature185804.13.0010Create Samples from the Schedule log
Feature  Feature163104.13.0010New variable [rst.TimeToIntersect(target)] that estimates the number of minutes until least squares best fit line will intersect the given target number
Feature  Feature186804.13.0008Add option to allow operator to set next schedule when skipping scheduled items
Feature  Feature186404.13.0007On the inventory import screen, new options to export templates or data tables to be filled out and re-imported
Feature  Feature186304.13.0007Inventory import option to add or modify the consumable list
Feature  Feature186004.13.0007Reduce screen flicker and flashes when moving between screens
Feature  Feature185904.13.0007Option to enter current volume as both a level from top (4 inches from top) and a volume amount (250 gallons)
Feature  Feature185504.13.0007Add Reorder Point as an optional field to import into Inventory
Feature  Feature184704.13.0007Support for Blue ISO PPE images
Feature  Feature184604.13.0006Custom schedule frequency description is pre-filled with a description instead of being blank
Feature  Feature183004.13.0003When connecting to the database for the first time, there is a new option to automatically scan for the location
Feature  Feature182604.13.0003Option to show or hide tick marks on bottom border of Run chart underneath data points
Feature  Feature182504.13.0003Option for a Lookup table to use a best fit line for estimating return values
Feature  Feature182204.13.0003Graph option to show a bell-shaped curve that fits the histogram data
Feature  Feature181404.13.0002New field "Document path" added to grid in Document Manager
Feature  Feature180904.13.0001Added support for Portuguese language
Feature  Feature180804.13.0001Added support for Czech language
Feature  Feature180704.13.0001Inventory option to prevent requisitions that exceed the max amount defined on the chemical
Feature  Feature180604.13.0001Inventory option to make requisitions mandatory
Feature  Feature180504.13.0001Display suggested databases for new users to make connecting easier
Feature  Feature178404.13.0001A few common script errors are automatically corrected when using scripts in the result or adjustment items
Feature  Feature178304.13.0001Increased size of add script box
Feature  Feature176704.13.0001Data Log review option to let the same person who tested also mark as reviewed
Feature  Feature174104.13.0001New variable [tst.ReportHtml] can be used to embed report html into emails
Feature  Feature173404.12.0030Manually add revision history records
Feature  Feature172004.12.0030Data log review  (more info)
Feature  Feature170204.12.0027When switching from a standard add to a custom add, the custom add formula will be based on the standard add variables if it has been filled out
Feature  Feature169104.12.0026Option to hide test sections that are not due or past due from the test screen
Feature  Feature166404.12.0025[Obj.HmisHtmlIage(1)] will produce a bigger image than [Obj.HmisHtmlIage]
Feature  Feature165704.12.0025Allow more than one row to be deleted at a time in the Sample Log
Feature  Feature165404.12.0024Variable format option to convert Date variables from Text to Numbers
Feature  Feature164904.12.0023A "risk" value is shown next to the increments field on an adjustment item to show the amount a concentration could change as a result of the current increment value
Feature  Feature164704.12.0023Add ID numbers to the display of User Rights in User Setup & User Rights Report
Feature  Feature164404.12.0023Add numbers to each of the Reports in the drop-down list
Feature  Feature164104.12.0023"Acquire from device" button when adding Documents and Attachments only appears when ScanToPDF is installed
Feature  Feature163404.12.0023Option to force Requisitions to be approved before they are deemed active
Feature  Feature161404.12.0021Addsheet settings changes in tank setup tracked by revision history
Feature  Feature160004.12.0020Changes to the main tree are synced between all running copies
Feature  Feature159904.12.0020New variable [Adj.MTO] to calculation metal turn over. Returns the same value as [Adj.PercentOfMakeup]
Feature  Feature159804.12.0020Update font settings for Polish language
Feature  Feature158404.12.0020Option to import test setups from other tanks in the same database
Feature  Feature151304.12.0020Customer Specs feature to allow multiple sets of spec limits to be used in rules and graphs and Customer Specs report.  (more info)
Feature  Feature157904.12.0016User defined limits added to exported index file
Feature  Feature157804.12.0016Allow the SignOff Notes to be added to the Addsheet when signed off
Feature  Feature157204.12.0016Distributed addsheets not using the document title for the email subject line
Feature  Feature157004.12.0016Sample Report option to "Output only group rows" and their totals
Feature  Feature156904.12.0015Allow numbers in Name field when using Addsheet Distribution
Feature  Feature155904.12.0014New user rights for modifying sample charge amounts
Feature  Feature155804.12.0014Distribution labels 'Distribution Information', 'Distribution List', and 'Phone' are now editable terms
Feature  Feature155604.12.0014Show charge totals in the sample report when charges are turned on and when the reported is grouped
Feature  Feature155404.12.0014When logging a new sample, allow importing of tests from a predetermined template tank
Feature  Feature155304.12.0014New Distribution option to "Distribute on Sample Batch print"
Feature  Feature154704.12.0014Option to temporarily hide a result while performing a test
Feature  Feature154604.12.0014Option to set new default values when creating a new group
Feature  Feature154404.12.0014New modify button on output tab to edit sample info before printing\saving
Feature  Feature154204.12.0014New "Don't allow sample logging" option on Process Setup
Feature  Feature154104.12.0014Option to require a sample date on new samples
Feature  Feature154004.12.0014New Print button on sample log to print sample label or sample worksheet
Feature  Feature153704.12.0014New "Sample Charges" report added
Feature  Feature153104.12.0014Override option for charges in the sample info screen
Feature  Feature153004.12.0010Distribution list is sorted and only active users will appear when you try and add a new recipient
Feature  Feature152904.12.0010"Send to other" option on the distribution screen to send to recipients without saving the recipient selection for future distributions
Feature  Feature152604.12.0010"Barcode 3 of 9" font installed and used by default in sample labels
Feature  Feature152504.12.0010Add right click menu to Sample Log
Feature  Feature152304.12.0010New variables [Grp.distemail], [Grp.DistPhone], [Grp.DistFax]
Feature  Feature152204.12.0010Option to print sample labels when logging a new sample
Feature  Feature152104.12.0010More formatting options for sample number including [year]-0000#
Feature  Feature151904.12.0010Allow review of samples in a batch if not all samples have been tested yet
Feature  Feature150804.12.0006New variable [Rst.PercentChange] to return the difference between the current data point and the previous. Number returned is the percentage as a decimal (0.25 would indicate as 25% change)
Feature  Feature150004.12.0006'By Gauge' and 'By User' view options added to the 'Test Performed By' report
Feature  Feature149704.12.0005When selecting PPE for tanks or consumables, allow Face Shield and Goggles to be selected together
Feature  Feature149304.12.0005Addsheet approval section can be updated when the addsheet is approved
Feature  Feature148904.12.0005Option to email addsheets on approval
Feature  Feature148804.12.0005New variable [Rst.Trend(#)] to check for up and down trends
Feature  Feature148104.12.0005Show removals as a percentage of the volume when a tank volume is unknown (-1)
Feature  Feature148004.12.0005Option to print separate sample labels for each unique gauge
Feature  Feature147504.12.0005Option to print sample and inventory labels at the same time
Feature  Feature147304.12.0005Option to use GHS image on a sample or inventory label
Feature  Feature147204.12.0005New general variables [DayOfWeek], [DayOfWeekShort], [Weekday] and [Hour]
Feature  Feature147104.12.0005New variables [RST.ScheduleFrequencyLevel] and [RST.SchedFreqLevel]
Feature  Feature147004.12.0003Options to email Addsheet when it is created
Feature  Feature146904.12.0003New variable [rst.gauge] to return the gauge description associated with a result
Feature  Feature146604.12.0003Optional fields added to samples and new variables to access them [tst.samplefield1], [tst.samplefield2], etc
Feature  Feature146304.12.0003When exporting requisitions, use Lot ID for the file name instead of the requisition number
Feature  Feature146204.12.0003Option to show Qty needed field as 0 when the Usable Qty is above the reorder point
Feature  Feature146104.12.0003Include requisition notes when exporting requisition data
Feature  Feature145704.12.0002New option for inventory requisitions to start with the status "Requested" instead of the default "On Order"
Feature  Feature145604.12.0002Option to export inventory requisition data to XML when requisitions are created
Feature  Feature145304.12.0002Documents attached to an object or an additive used in an object can be accessed via a link on the dashboard
Feature  Feature141104.12.0002New variables to check inventory options and balance in rules. Variables are [Adj.ConsIsInventoried], [Adj.ConsLotBalance], [Adj.ConsTotalBalance]
Feature  Feature138504.12.0002Show Addsheet sign off comments as an optional column in the data log
Feature  Feature145104.12.0001New variable [OBJ.SAFETYIMAGE] returns the HTML image for HMIS or GHS based on System Setting
Feature  Feature145004.12.0001Hardware Keys\Dongles will be converted to digital licenses after database activation. See update instructions for more information.
Feature  Feature140604.12.0001Results global variable name added to Result Settings report
Feature  Feature140304.12.0001New column in Data Log (hidden by default) to indicate if the test called for a new makeup
Feature  Feature125704.12.0001Redirect file available to help IT remap client computers to a new database location
Feature  Feature78404.12.0001New variables [Adj.MakeupAmount] returns makeup amount of additive in the makeup units, [Adj.MakeupUnit] returns unit name of the additive's makeup unit, [Adj.MakeupShortUnit] returns unit abbreviation of the additive's makeup unit, [adj.FractionOfMakeup] returns adjustment amount in terms of fraction (in format 0.00) of the makeup amount for the additive. 0.50 = 50%, 1.00 = 100%, etc.
Feature  Feature77004.12.0001CAS# can be associated with additives and usage information can be viewed via the add amount report (more info)
Feature  Feature64004.12.0001New variables to detect trends in data. [Rst.TrendUp(#)] [Rst.TrendDown(#)] and [Rst.TrendSawtooth(#)]. Replace # with the number of points you want to include in check. Returns 1 if a trend is detected and 0 if not.  (more info)
Feature  Feature103904.11.0048Option to show grouping counts when grouping rows in the grids
Feature  Feature94204.11.0048Advanced option to remember last logged on user name
Feature  Feature143504.11.0046New variable [Adj.AddIncrement]
Feature  Feature141004.11.0046Lot labels included next to additive name on the default test report template
Feature  Feature142604.11.0044Add button on Manage Requisitions screen to view or edit Lot Notes
Feature  Feature141804.11.0044Option to show hidden and Start Up data points on the Graph
Feature  Feature139804.11.0040More consumable fields available if using the sign off data export feature
Feature  Feature139204.11.0040Option to automatically delete addsheets is now disabled by default
Feature  Feature139504.11.0039Japanese language automatically selected instead of English when Japanese regional settings are detected
Feature  Feature133804.11.0032For the Display Result As rule action, have the default for the numeric value setting be "Variable" and the variable be "[Result]"
Feature  Feature133204.11.0032When clicking on an Adjustment in the Run Chart, show the Addsheet, Test Summary, and Notes buttons
Feature  Feature133104.11.0032Add day of week to the popup bubble when you click on data points in the graph
Feature  Feature132904.11.0032Option to fix the sizes of GHS pictograms instead of just stretching them
Feature  Feature132604.11.0032Advanced options for [OBJ.GHSsignalword] to include an html container around it for output into html reports
Feature  Feature132804.11.0031When showing the estimated effect of adds in the Run Chart, draw lines between the Results that have no adds between them
Feature  Feature132504.11.0030Added support for Japanese language
Feature  Feature132304.11.0030Option to plot the estimated effect of additions on Run chart
Feature  Feature131904.11.0030When the Time Relative option is used on the Graphs, Makeup bookmarks are shown at the time position when the Addsheet was signed off
Feature  Feature131604.11.0028User definable index and data files for use with third party systems
Feature  Feature131504.11.0028Changes to the format of names of Tanks and Groups on the tree are processed quicker
Feature  Feature131404.11.0028New option in the Orders Needed inventory report to show Qty Needed in the nearest container unit
Feature  Feature131004.11.0028Schedule Type Description added to the Schedule view of the Performance Report
Feature  Feature129604.11.0028Add Group and Object optional fields to the Result Settings report
Feature  Feature127204.11.0028Modify dlgBookmark to display the Group & Object associated with the Bookmark
Feature  Feature130404.11.0027New variables [Inp.Name] and [Inp.ShortName]
Feature  Feature129804.11.0027"Shelf Life After Opened" field added to the additive properties window to support "Opened lots" which have an accelerated expiration date when the container is opened.
Feature  Feature129504.11.0027"preferred lot location" added to the advanced options screen on adjustment items
Feature  Feature127604.11.0027Ability to split an inventory lot
Feature  Feature128304.11.0023New variable [Inp.DisplayAs] to return the text value instead of the numeric value when using selection lists or other text based inputs
Feature  Feature127904.11.0023TestRecID added to the data log as an optional column
Feature  Feature127704.11.0023New variable [Tst.Comment] returns the text in the comments field on the output tab
Feature  Feature127104.11.0022Reorder point added as a column in the "chemical balance" inventory report
Feature  Feature126804.11.0022Automatically export graph images for viewing on the Dashboard
Feature  Feature126604.11.0022User definable data output list for better integration with third party systems
Feature  Feature124304.11.0018Add "User ID" and other user-related fields (Department, Title, etc) to the Data Log
Feature  Feature124104.11.0018"Issue paperless" option on the Other Schedules setup screen to bypass printing when completing other scheduled item
Feature  Feature123904.11.0018The "Will print" option can be turned on or off as needed when print\saving a test
Feature  Feature123704.11.0018Option to email and create a requisition when a consumable balance falls below the reorder point
Feature  Feature123404.11.0017Language updates for Thai and Spanish
Feature  Feature123304.11.0017New user right for the "Start up" checkbox on the Output tab in the Perform Test screen
Feature  Feature122604.11.0016Sample Charges added as an optional feature to the Sample System
Feature  Feature122504.11.0014Option to attach addsheets as attachments to emails when using distribution
Feature  Feature122404.11.0012Updated support for barcode scanners
Feature  Feature122004.11.0012The user right 'Manage bookmarks' also controls who can add or modify bookmark types
Feature  Feature121804.11.0012GHS images, Signal Words, and Statements can be included on the addsheet with either the chemicals from the addsheet included or all chemicals in the tank included
Feature  Feature120304.11.0012New "Details" view in the "Tank Revision History" report
Feature  Feature119904.11.0012Better font support for Thai and other Unicode languages
Feature  Feature120104.11.0011Command line /language or /languageid to set the language shown
Feature  Feature120004.11.0011Added support for Thai language
Feature  Feature119804.11.0011Support for Thai Buddhist calendar
Feature  Feature119604.11.0011Formatting of Object tree name with ability to hide fields that have no value
Feature  Feature118504.11.0011New variable [AGE.xxxx] to return the age, in minutes, of the last Result specified.
Feature  Feature118404.11.0011Added "Qty needed" field to the Additive Balance inventory report. This field is the Qty Max minus the Qty Usable & Qty On Order fields.
Feature  Feature118304.11.0011Switching between custom and standard add calculations can trigger revision history with both formulas
Feature  Feature114504.11.0011New variable [RST.ACCUM] returns the accumulated result values since the last dump and remake not including the current result value
Feature  Feature119104.11.0009New option to automatically create inventory requisition numbers
Feature  Feature118904.11.0009New "Orders Needed" view in Inventory Reports gives the ability to create create requisitions for the highlighted rows
Feature  Feature114604.11.0008[obj.volume] can be returned in multiple units
Feature  Feature117704.11.0007Option to create bookmarks with tank revision history
Feature  Feature96904.11.0007Option to use GHS instead of HMIS
Feature  Feature115704.11.0006New network folder "ClientSetup" to store the latest version of the client setup program
Feature  Feature114704.11.0006Inventory lots can be received and reported in user defined containers
Feature  Feature114404.11.0006Restore default settings to the columns in Tools > Manage > Object Revision History
Feature  Feature113404.11.0003Option to include Test Instructions on the schedule Bench Worksheet
Feature  Feature113304.11.0003New variables for input items: [INP.DEFAULT], [INP.LINKINFO],[INP.LOWER],[INP.PROMPT],[INP.PROMPTSHORT], [INP.UPPER]
Feature  Feature112904.11.0003Storage location sorted in alphabetical order
Feature  Feature112104.11.0003Inputs using Selection Tables no longer include the ID number when displaying the data in the data log
Feature  Feature111704.11.0003Inputs can be displayed on the addsheet
Feature  Feature110704.11.0003Limit names use new variables on Overlay Graph and Perform Test screens
Feature  Feature110604.11.0003Add spec limits to legend on Overlay Graph
Feature  Feature110504.11.0003Add Revision number to Object Settings report
Feature  Feature110304.11.0003"R-square" and "Daily change" added to result settings report
Feature  Feature110204.11.0003Allow individual adds to be signed off in the Addslip Log
Feature  Feature109904.11.0003Option to merge chemicals to replace all instances of one chemical with another
Feature  Feature109704.11.0003External Data - Add a new variable for an external recordset to return the sum of result records
Feature  Feature109604.11.0003Include the current database as an option for an External Data Source Library item
Feature  Feature109404.11.0003Include image files, saved as test attachments, on the Test Summary report
Feature  Feature108304.11.0002Optional fields on Process, Tank, and Result can be added to the schedule log
Feature  Feature107904.11.0002New SPC report to display SPC values for a user definable date range (more info)
Feature  Feature105804.11.0002New variable [rst.ScheduleStatus] to return the schedule status of a result schedule. Returns "Late", "Due", "Not Due", or "Not Scheduled"
Feature  Feature79204.11.0002User definable Limit names added to the System Terms tab in System Setup
Feature  Feature25804.11.0002Options to create an entry in the event log when schedules are skipped, activated, or deactivated
Feature  Feature107804.11.0001Result status\states can no longer be deleted
Feature  Feature107704.11.0001Send email alert when a results status\state is manually changed
Feature  Feature107604.11.0001Add new TrueChem variable [RST.VOLUMEADJUSTED] to return [RST.VALUE] adjusted for volume differences.
Feature  Feature107504.11.0001Add High, Low, and Range SPC value to the "Result Setting Report"
Feature  Feature107104.11.0001New variable [Adj.MinutesSinceSignOff]
Feature  Feature106004.11.0001Performance increase when entering tests on results that have multiple rules
Feature  Feature105304.11.0001Limit change history shown in Results Review report
Feature  Feature105204.11.0001Graph option to show or hide limit revision history
Feature  Feature104904.11.0001The Report "Performance > Limit" includes limit history
Feature  Feature104704.11.0001Manually modify a result's current status\state with notes (more info)
Feature  Feature104604.11.0001Time and date range options for the Results Review report
Feature  Feature102104.11.0001Tank revision history (more info)
Feature  Feature99504.11.0001Option to show limit history on run chart
Feature  Feature704.11.0001Addslip allotted time is going off of the sample date/time rather than the test
Feature  Feature103804.10.0016Fields with matching variables now display tooltips when you hover over with the mouse
Feature  Feature102904.10.0015Added a "Pending" line to the Performance Report > Summary > Corrective Action section
Feature  Feature102804.10.0015In the Performance Report > Limits type, cells with older data will not be colored until they are tested with a new version
Feature  Feature101704.10.0015New variables [Obj.LastRemakeDate], [Obj.LastRemakeTime], [Obj.LastRemakeDateTime]
Feature  Feature101504.10.0015Addsheet sign off comment can be shown on the Test Summary report
Feature  Feature101404.10.0015If the addsheet is partially signed off, the sign off comments will automatically show the user name and details of their actions
Feature  Feature101304.10.0015Graph options to show or hide all Bookmarks or to show or hide Bookmarks based on specific types
Feature  Feature101204.10.0015Graph option to show a "Best fit" line based on points shown on the graph
Feature  Feature101104.10.0015Most graph option settings are saved and automatically reapplied when changing tanks or opening and closing TrueChem.
Feature  Feature98904.10.0015Compatible with SQL Server version 2014 and 2012 in addition to 2008R2, 2008, and 2005
Feature  Feature99204.10.0013New file type option for CSV files called "CSV (Tabbed)"
Feature  Feature97704.10.0012New performance report options and additional report views
Feature  Feature98304.10.0011Added additional list separator options to help CSV files open on computers using Unicode
Feature  Feature98104.10.0011Add 5 new columns to the Corrective Action Log for ResultValue, User1UpperLimit, User1LowerLimit, User2UpperLimit, User2LowerLimit
Feature  Feature98604.10.0010Add a delete button to the Inventory Reports On Order view to delete requisitions
Feature  Feature97204.10.0006Last Result Date\Time is visible by default in the Result Settings report
Feature  Feature95304.10.0006Swiping feature in Tablet mode to change the displayed graph
Feature  Feature91304.10.0005New variable [Adj.OriginalValue]. Shows original value prior to any manual edits
Feature  Feature95204.10.0001"Tablet Mode" to increase row height in grids when running on tablet or touch enabled computers
Feature  Feature94804.10.0001New labeling and captions on the Performance Report
Feature  Feature94604.10.0001Mobile app can filter results based on result type
Feature  Feature94504.10.0001New variables added to Test Summary report (test dates, optional fields, etc)
Feature  Feature93704.10.0001New advanced option to set the test date and time to the last test date and time used
Feature  Feature92004.10.0001Improved performance of the DataServer on large access databases
Feature  Feature90804.10.0001Test Summary Report can now be formatted to show Test Inputs plus specific INP, RST or ADJ information when referenced by item number.
Feature  Feature90404.10.0001Add an "Advanced" button to the Rules action setup screen, allowing users to select when an action occurs (at Test Input, Print/Save, Add Sign Off) & for what tests (Normal, Start Up, Makeup, Partial)
Feature  Feature89804.10.0001Added an option to the view menu in the grid helper to show all hidden columns in a grid
Feature  Feature89604.10.0001Date columns in the sharp grid automatically get several sub columns added to the grid that format the date differently (e.g. Quarter, Day, Hour, Week#, Shift#, etc.). The new columns are hidden by default
Feature  Feature89304.10.0001Double-click on an attached Document in the Manage Additive screen lets you edit the document path or content
Feature  Feature88904.10.0001Test Summary Report can display User1 & User2 Limits
Feature  Feature88704.10.0001Schedule graph option to change what is displayed. Options are "Allotted time", "Effort, from start", and "Effort, before end"
Feature  Feature88404.10.0001Inventory Management screen now includes a column for Lot Expiration Date
Feature  Feature87004.10.0001Improved editing of System Terms in the System Setup
Feature  Feature86304.10.0001Results/Adjustments can be calculated without Inputs
Feature  Feature74204.10.0001If Inventory is being used, the Test Summary Report will show the Lots associated with each Adjustment
Feature  Feature87604.09.0015HTML path read from the registry may contain TrueChem variables
Feature  Feature86104.09.0015New variable [Adj.Cost] to return the cost of the add amount and [Adj.CostTotal] and [Tst.AddCostTotal] to return cost of all adds on a test
Feature  Feature85904.09.0015Add a new variable for an external recordset to return the number or result records
Feature  Feature85604.09.0015New Option on the rules tab in system setup to automatically apply Rule Sets to newly created Results and Adjustments
Feature  Feature84904.09.0015New "Performance" report summarizes performance of Test Results & adherence to Schedule
Feature  Feature76504.09.0015New Option on the rules tab in system setup to automatically apply Rule Sets to newly created Results and Adjustments
Feature  Feature85704.09.0011Users can now "attach" files to Tests, Addsheets, and Exceptions. (more info)
Feature  Feature84804.09.0010Improved support for landscape printing
Feature  Feature82904.09.0010View and add additional notes to the "test comments" field in the data log. Right click the cell in the data log and choose the "Notes" option to view or add notes
Feature  Feature68204.09.0010Add the Optional fields associated with a Consumable to the Inventory's Consumable & Lot Balance Reports
Feature  Feature83004.09.0008Additional date and time related columns added to the Result Settings report
Feature  Feature81904.09.0008The Optional Group fields can be shown on the Tank settings report
Feature  Feature81704.09.0008Performance improvements on screens where process and tank trees are shown
Feature  Feature81604.09.0008Loading and viewing scopes may be slow in large databases
Feature  Feature77104.09.0008Allow the optional Group fields to be in the Tank Settings report
Feature  Feature3704.09.0008Safety equipment icons can be shown on addslip
Feature  Feature80704.09.0007A "More" button has been added to the Perform Test > General tab to display the optional tank fields
Feature  Feature79704.09.0006Changes made to the System Setup are now sent to open sessions and you no longer need to restart TrueChem or the DataServer manually
Feature  Feature79404.09.0005Expired lots are now unexpired when editing the lot expiration date
Feature  Feature78804.09.0005Message is shown if an add amount is automatically redistributed between inventory lots
Feature  Feature78504.09.0005Added an Lot import option to the 'Inventory Import' feature
Feature  Feature77704.09.0005The Sample Worksheet can now display 'Inputs Limits' and 'Last Value entered'
Feature  Feature77604.09.0005The Bench Worksheet created from the Schedule can now display 'Inputs Limits' in addition to the 'Last Value entered'
Feature  Feature77504.09.0005The scope for the 'Results review' report can be selected down to the Result level instead of just the object level
Feature  Feature71104.09.0005A note can now be added or required when deleting a cell from the Data Log
Feature  Feature76704.09.0004PPE images can now be enlarged when used in addsheets and tank placards
Feature  Feature74904.09.0004When adding graphs items from different tanks, the name shown on the tree is used instead of the tank description
Feature  Feature74404.09.0004Scheduled adds can now have more than one additive, making it easier to add multiple additives on the same frequency
Feature  Feature74004.09.0003Modifying an add amount will automatically redistribute inventory lots based on the new amount if the auto redistribute feature is turned on
Feature  Feature73904.09.0003Consumable balances in the inventory system can be imported via an user supplied csv file (more info)
Feature  Feature73104.08.0078The general tab in the Perform Test screen now shows the placard date and placard status
Feature  Feature73004.08.0078Add amounts are automatically distributed across multiple lots (if necessary) when signing off addsheets
Feature  Feature72904.08.0078Add amounts can now be split across more than 2 lots
Feature  Feature72704.08.0078The email body text no longer has a limit of 768 characters
Feature  Feature72304.08.0078Changed the behavior of the "enter" key on the login dialog to make it easier to login
Feature  Feature69904.08.0078Added a "Vendor ID" field to the vendors screen in the inventory system
Feature  Feature48104.08.0078Added a new report called "Results review". This lists results entered organized by day or by shift
Feature  Feature71504.08.0077The Test button on the Adjustment modification screen shows more details when the adjustment is a script.
Feature  Feature71704.08.0076An option has been added to set the sample date/time on the Perform Test screen to be the sample date/time last modified
Feature  Feature71604.08.0076An option has been added to require previewing a Group addsheet before it is printed
Feature  Feature70804.08.0076New library items default to the HTML page type
Feature  Feature70704.08.0076When choosing the type for "other" scheduled items, the type can be changed between "Print Library" and "Print Custom"
Feature  Feature67804.08.0074Added "Placard Notes" to the Tank Setup screen. The notes can be accessed using the variable [obj.PlacardNotes]
Feature  Feature66704.08.0074The status of Other scheduled items is now available on the Dashboard at all levels.
Feature  Feature68804.08.0073When creating a new Scheduled Add, a new "Comments" button allows adding comments that will appear on the add sheet
Feature  Feature68704.08.0073Added a new Scheduled item type called "Print custom" which prints user-created comments
Feature  Feature66304.08.0067Data Log headings have been modified to clarify the differences in similar fields.
Feature  Feature64104.08.0066Add an identifier to the Addslip Log to show the type of an entry, such as addslip, other scheduled item, transfer letter, etc.
Feature  Feature64404.08.0065A 60-day expiration option has been added to the Inventory Reports, Expiration view
Feature  Feature63304.08.0063New button on Advanced Settings screen to adjust past due schedules after initial installation
Feature  Feature60704.08.0063Default Library Printing HTML template was updated to include Group and Object identification in the heading.
Feature  Feature60304.08.0058Error 58 no longer displayed when an addsheet ID already exists
Feature  Feature60004.08.0058Add revision control to the Placard system
Feature  Feature59904.08.0058Changed the format of several fields from Rich Text Format to HTML format
Feature  Feature59504.08.0058Create a new library type called 'Lookup Table' and TrueChem variables called [lib.TableLookupX(libname,Y)] and [lib.TableLookupY(libname,X)] (more info)
Feature  Feature58904.08.0058Added "selection tables" feature on input items  (more info)
Feature  Feature58104.08.0058New variable [OBJ.MAKEUPHTML] for displaying makeup information as HTML
Feature  Feature58004.08.0058Testing an adjustment calculation from the adjustment setup screen shows more informaiton including the amount calculated, amount calculated with increments applied, and final add amount.
Feature  Feature57904.08.0058Rules that check spec or user limits automatically add very high or very low default values when those limits are empty
Feature  Feature57804.08.0058Adjustment item variables are now formatted using the number of decimals if no format is specified
Feature  Feature58704.08.0056Tests Performed by User Report now includes a Total for all categories reported.
Feature  Feature57604.08.0055Add "Event description" column to the Event Log
Feature  Feature57504.08.0055Add two new variables, [OBJ.HMISHTMLIMAGE] and [OBJ.PPEHTMLIMAGES]
Feature  Feature57404.08.0055Add a new Placard system. Placards can be printed via the Document Manager (more info)
Feature  Feature56304.08.0055Add "print preview" text to addsheet when previewing an addsheet before printing\saving
Feature  Feature55804.08.0055The Family, Section & Description fields of the Colors2 table are now all resource references.
Feature  Feature54304.08.0054Dashboard source files updated with reset and initialization of variables.
Feature  Feature52904.08.0051New Graph Option - Volume Adjusted will adjust each Result and graph the value as if the Tank level were at optimum when the Require Level Input option is set for the test
Feature  Feature52504.08.0051When the treeview control displays checkboxes, it now contains gray 'partial' check marks instead of gray backgrounds
Feature  Feature48904.08.0051Completed enhancements to the Object Settings Report to include additional PPE & HMIS columns. These columns are available in custom view definitions.
Feature  Feature52204.08.0049Enhanced fields of Custom Report I to include Result Items in addition to Adjustment Items
Feature  Feature50204.08.0047New unit "feet per minute" added to the units list
Feature  Feature49204.08.0047Result Settings Report has been enhanced with additional fields available when creating custom views.
Feature  Feature49004.08.0047Treatment Data Report now does not show up in the list of report options if the Treatment System is disabled.
Feature  Feature48304.08.0047Inventory - Lot Balance Report now contains all fields pertaining to a lot of consumable. New fields are defaulted to hidden but can be added in custom views of the report.
Feature  Feature47004.08.0047When Renaming a Group or Object, the dialog contains access to the item's additional fields (3 through 12) by use of the More button.
Feature  Feature46504.08.0047Scanning a barcode of a test report ID will initiate the sign-off dialog for that test report if the test report is found to be outstanding and if no other dialogs in TrueChem are currently open. A subsequent second scan will sign off the entire add slip. A scan of a previously signed off addslip will display this status along with date/time of sign off.
Feature  Feature46304.08.0047New Consumables Report which includes a simple list of consumables and consumables by association
Feature  Feature45704.08.0047When a deactivated group or object is selected in the tree, the status of DEACTIVATED is displayed in the information window below the tree and the tree item is turned gray.
Feature  Feature45604.08.0047A selector has been placed on the Addslip tab of Object Setup to select from multiple Test Summary Report formats if they exist in the database
Feature  Feature44904.08.0047Inserting [Value] in the 'Display As' text string will convert to the result value when used in the Data Log, Test Summary Report, Graph Bubble
Feature  Feature46704.08.0042A new user right has been created, "Manually check New Makeup", that allows/disallows a user to check the New Makeup option on the Output Tab of a test. This new right is defaulted to match the existing right of "Print/Save Test" for each user or group.
Feature  Feature46604.08.0042Barcode scanners can now be utilized as a keyboard wedge device to enable sample, inventory and test report transactions.
Feature  Feature38204.08.0042A new User Right (Add New Additives) now exists to establish a user's permission to add a new additive to TrueChem. This right is defaulted to the current right of Tank Setup/Modify Test Tab.
Feature  Feature45904.08.0040Modify Add Amount report to allow make-ups and adjustments to be reported separately
Feature  Feature44604.08.0038When a locked object is selected in the tree, the status of LOCKED by Past Due Addslip or LOCKED by Exception (or both) is displayed in the information window below the tree and the tree item is turned red.
Feature  Feature43804.08.0036New variable [adj.samplebeforeadds] that returns 0 if there are no outstanding adds for the ADJ value used and the last signed off add was signed off before the current tests sample date time. Returns 1 if the are outstanding adds for the ADJ value or the last signed off add was signed off after the current tests sample date time.
Feature  Feature43604.08.0036CheckPasswordWithLDAP added to Advanced TrueChem Settings dialog
Feature  Feature42704.08.0035Main grids can now be sorted, grouped, and rearranged. Settings can be saved globally or per user (more info)
Feature  Feature37504.08.0035A new report to display all properties defined for each {Object} existing in a TrueChem installation.
Feature  Feature13104.08.0035Added DefaultMetric Flag to cause new items to be created with metric units instead of english units.
Feature  Feature13004.08.0035Added "No Password Required" option to user accounts
Feature  Feature42404.08.0034Test performed report shows 'Display As' values if available
Feature  Feature41804.08.0030A system level option flag now exists that when set to True, will insert the default operating level of an object into the input field when it is required for a test.
Feature  Feature41504.08.0029The database backup button is now no longer an option if a SQL Server database is in use.
Feature  Feature36604.08.0016This feature allows the system to be globally switched between two defined precision levels, based on the number of decimal points specified for each calculated result. - Total Decimals = Spec Decimals + Extra Decimals - Results & Adds are always calculated with highest precision available (total decimals) - Database will always store the highest precision available (total decimals)
Feature  Feature11204.07.0119Added Notification box to explain why Print/Save is unavailable
Feature  Feature30304.07.0111Comments can be used to determine if test is printed\saved
Feature  Feature25404.07.0108Documents in the docs tab of tank setup and perform test can be printed
Feature  Feature29304.07.0106Added new TrueChem variables for work location and schedule type. [grp.WorkLocation] [obj.WorkLocation] [rst.WorkLocation] [sch.WorkLocation] [sch.ScheduleType]
Feature  Feature29204.07.0106A field for Schedule Type was added to the Result Settings report.
Feature  Feature29104.07.0106Date range frequencies sorted by highest usage
Feature  Feature28904.07.0106Additional date range frequencies added
Feature  Feature28604.07.0105Work location and current value columns added to result settings report
Feature  Feature28504.07.0105Work location added to Object, Group, Result, and Other schedule setup
Feature  Feature28404.07.0105"Signoff required" and "Will print" options added to output tab of perform test screen to force a signoff or print action before printing\saving a test.
Feature  Feature27704.07.0100DataServer mode and DataServer Monitor tool available
Feature  Feature27604.07.0100Added Execution mode for advanced testing
Feature  Feature27404.07.0100Schedule types are now user definable and TrueChem users can be set to view a default type
Feature  Feature26804.07.0100Added database update security to prevent unauthorized database updates
Feature  Feature26004.07.0073Dash and underscore characters now allowed in TrueChem user names
Feature  Feature24804.07.0070Library list is now sortable on all columns
Feature  Feature27204.07.0067Added comments field when signing off an addsheet
Feature  Feature24104.07.0067New rule action to prevent the test from being printed\saved
Feature  Feature24004.07.0067New variable, [adj.outstandingaddamount], to return the amount of any outstanding add amounts in the units defined in the adjustment setup.
Feature  Feature23904.07.0067Added "Approved By", "Approved Date", "Sign off Comments", "Signed Off By", and "Signed Off Date" columns to the Test Report Log
Feature  Feature23804.07.0067Added waiting approval view to Test Report log
Feature  Feature23604.07.0067Added new user right "Manage work locations" and added manage function for work locations.
Feature  Feature23504.07.0067Added work location selector on Exceptions Log and default it to current users work location then filter log by that location.
Feature  Feature23404.07.0067Added work location selector on Schedule Log and default it to current users work location then filter log by that location.
Feature  Feature23304.07.0067Changed work location selector on Sample Log to default to current users work location and filter log by that location.
Feature  Feature23204.07.0067Changed work location selector on Test Reports Log to default to current users work location and filter log by that location.
Feature  Feature23104.07.0067Added work location selector to Group Setup General tab. This allows a group to be assigned to a worklocation.
Feature  Feature23004.07.0067Added new user right "Approve Test Reports"
Feature  Feature22904.07.0067Added "Require Test Report Approval" options to system setup and Test Report log.
Feature  Feature12604.07.0067Added the sign off user to the addslip log
Feature  Feature22404.07.0065TrueChem can be run in "Host" mode on a dedicated workstation to improve client performance
Feature  Feature22204.07.0065Warning when scheduled items are not recalculated because the schedule system is disabled or the schedule options are set to not reschedule items when the date and time of a test is modified
Feature  Feature22104.07.0065Warning on perform test screen when no input license is found
Feature  Feature22004.07.0065When a X out of Y Rules is True it will not be true again until X out of Y new point are True
Feature  Feature21604.07.0065Added two new Library Notes types, HTML page and HTML code
Feature  Feature21504.07.0065Library Notes dialog window is now re sizable
Feature  Feature21304.07.0064Change "Ok" to "Sign Off" on the Test Report sign off screens
Feature  Feature21104.07.0064Change user setup to allow the adding of "email" items in the user list for Active Directory
Feature  Feature21004.07.0064Add a "Home" button on the graphical tool bar
Feature  Feature20904.07.0064TrueChem date and time selector usability enhancements
Feature  Feature20804.07.0064Multiple schedule frequency levels on each schedule item with ability to switch levels from a rule
Feature  Feature20704.07.0064Allow future scheduling of Activation or Deactivation
Feature  Feature20004.07.0064Added common range selector to date range dialog
Feature  Feature16504.07.0064Move multiple items in test setup
Feature  Feature10904.07.0064Group field 1 allows multiple characters and group field 2 no longer limited to numbers only
Feature  Feature6504.07.0064Created a report that lists all TrueChem users and their rights within the system.
Feature  Feature18904.07.0063Input items can be stored as text and shown in data log
Feature  Feature18404.07.0063Document types can now be modified and deleted
Feature  Feature19104.07.0062Pressing enter key on AD group search dialog executes search
Feature  Feature19004.07.0062AD group names are no longer editable
Feature  Feature18104.07.0061Schedule log now shows deactivated tank schedules in the 'all schedules' view
Feature  Feature17704.07.0061Lot label can be automatically set to Manuf Lot ID
Feature  Feature17404.07.0060Added tank level input and current volume columns to the data log
Feature  Feature16304.07.0059Database identifier added to some event log entries for delete actions
Feature  Feature16704.07.0058You can now select which tests within a tank a user can perform. Tests the user cannot perform are not visible.
Feature  Feature15204.07.0055Schedule allotted time now has a maximum of 99 days
Feature  Feature15004.07.0055Dates are now displayed using the computer's date format settings
Feature  Feature13904.07.0055Added the ability to choose a TrueChem user as a distribution recipient
Feature  Feature13804.07.0055Added the ability to use the same chemical multiple times within the test setup of a tank
Feature  Feature13704.07.0055Font size increased to 9 on every form, field, and caption
Feature  Feature13504.07.0055Added distribution functionality to group level addsheets
Feature  Feature13404.07.0055Schedules from deactivated object now show up in the 'Deactivated items' and 'All Scheduled items' views
Feature  Feature12904.07.0055New schedule forecast options to view only items that start and\or end within the range specified.
Feature  Feature10504.07.0055Added variable [RST.PREVVALUE(#)] to access previous result values. Replace # with a number to access the test specified. [RST.PREVVALUE(1)] will return the last test, [RST.PREVVALUE(2)] will return the second to last test, etc.
Feature  Feature12104.07.0052Added the user defined text fields from object setup to the current results report
Feature  Feature11904.07.0051Added report name and date range to all reports
Feature  Feature9904.07.0043Sample number field now accepts letters, numbers, and symbols
Feature  Feature9804.07.0043Right clicking on result or adjustment column header in the data log shows setup info for that item
Feature  Feature7904.07.0037Dashboard SPC values formatted with defined decimal places
Feature  Feature7004.07.0036Added company name to title bar
Feature  Feature6404.07.0032New options for input items. "Save changes" options will save the entered input number as the new default value. The "Log changes" option will log the changes to the default value in the event log
Feature  Feature6304.07.0032Added 'Changes and overrides' report to list changes to result data points and calculated add amounts
Feature  Feature5604.07.0030New variables [RUN.LIB(lib)], [RUN.CALC(formula)], and [RUN.SCRIPT(script)] for advanced scripting
Feature  Feature5304.07.0028Added options to save changes or log changes when the default value of an input item is modified when performing a test
Feature  Feature5204.07.0028Test instructions can now be added to a test description item. When performing a test, you can click on the test instruction description to view the instructions
Feature  Feature2304.07.0021"View dashboard" button added to the dashboard tab in system setup
Feature  Feature2204.07.0021Progress bar added to the dashboard tab in system setup to show progress when building the dashboard
Feature  Feature2004.07.0021Advanced dashboard path validation
Feature  Feature6004.07.0015Graph options changes. See Release Notes document
Feature  Feature2704.07.0011Added "Copy to clipboard" button on the test email form to help troubleshoot email setup issues
Feature  Feature2604.07.0011The "from" field of emails sent by TrueChem can now be customized in the email settings
Feature  Feature2404.07.0011If no database path has been configured, the user can set the path without first logging in
Feature  Feature1904.07.0010Added two user defined fields from tank setup to schedule log
Feature  Feature7404.07.0008Different allotted time for other scheduled items
Feature  Feature6204.07.0008Ability to hide test items. See Release Notes document
Feature  Feature6104.07.0008Global schedule frequencies. See Release Notes document
Feature  Feature5904.07.0008Min, max, and partial remake changes. See Release Notes document