TrueChem release notes

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Type ID Version Description
Fix  Fix73704.08.0080PPE Equipment - Safety Glasses are now an option even when other face protection equipment (such as Face shield, Full face respirator, etc) are selected.
Feature  Feature73104.08.0078The general tab in the Perform Test screen now shows the placard date and placard status
Feature  Feature73004.08.0078Add amounts are automatically distributed across multiple lots (if necessary) when signing off addsheets
Feature  Feature72904.08.0078Add amounts can now be split across more than 2 lots
Feature  Feature72704.08.0078The email body text no longer has a limit of 768 characters
Feature  Feature72304.08.0078Changed the behavior of the "enter" key on the login dialog to make it easier to login
Feature  Feature69904.08.0078Added a "Vendor ID" field to the vendors screen in the inventory system
Feature  Feature48104.08.0078Added a new report called "Results review". This lists results entered organized by day or by shift
Fix  Fix73404.08.0078Logging out before clicking the print\save button may allow the default user to print\save a test
Fix  Fix73304.08.0078The "To Obtain" in the adjustment formula does not allow a value of 0
Fix  Fix73204.08.0078Makeup amounts may not be correct when converting from one unit class to another (eg from volume to weight)
Fix  Fix72804.08.0078When using [OBJ.MakeupHTML], the add units are now shown instead of the stock units for the chemical
Fix  Fix71404.08.0078If Test Report Approval is turned on, the Object detail pages of the Dashboard will now show "Waiting Approval" for additions that have not yet been approved and the Test Report ID for additions that have been approved
Fix  Fix62804.08.0078If the addslips notes field is empty, [obj.prtmessage] variable could incorrectly show remake instructions
Fix  Fix60904.08.0078Adding an add amount to a previously empty cell in the data log sets the "needs signoff" flag and remains indefinitely. The cell will remain color in the data log and the dashboard will show the "adds needed\late" flag
Feature  Feature71504.08.0077The Test button on the Adjustment modification screen shows more details when the adjustment is a script.
Fix  Fix72004.08.0077Error 5 on dataserver or Error 5 when viewing some graphs
Feature  Feature71704.08.0076An option has been added to set the sample date/time on the Perform Test screen to be the sample date/time last modified
Feature  Feature71604.08.0076An option has been added to require previewing a Group addsheet before it is printed
Feature  Feature70804.08.0076New library items default to the HTML page type
Feature  Feature70704.08.0076When choosing the type for "other" scheduled items, the type can be changed between "Print Library" and "Print Custom"
Fix  Fix71304.08.0076Error #0 Users_1.FirstName when using placards and a SQL database
Fix  Fix71204.08.0076Dashboard is blank\empty after an update
Fix  Fix71004.08.0076Result Settings report no longer shows 'late' schedule status if there is no historical data
Fix  Fix70604.08.0076Dashboard formatting errors that occur under specific circumstances have been corrected.
Fix  Fix70304.08.0076The Approval user right now work at the tank level
Fix  Fix70104.08.0076Dashboard correctly displays at the Main and Group level when an Object only has outstanding "Other" Test Report
Fix  Fix69404.08.0076The user right for "Approve Addslips" does not work at the tank level
Fix  Fix70504.08.0075Error #91 when clicking print\save
Fix  Fix70004.08.0075Typo on idle-timeout user login screen
Fix  Fix69804.08.0075Some System Term names are not being resolved when referenced by the [NAM.*] variable
Fix  Fix69704.08.0075HMIS tab not correctly showing HMIS info from the tank and the chemicals used in the tank
Fix  Fix69604.08.0075Dashboard may show test items from deleted objects
Fix  Fix69504.08.0075Error # 0 TestReports.ID on DataServer mode
Feature  Feature67804.08.0074Added "Placard Notes" to the Tank Setup screen. The notes can be accessed using the variable [obj.PlacardNotes]
Feature  Feature66704.08.0074The status of Other scheduled items is now available on the Dashboard at all levels.
Fix  Fix69304.08.0074Activating a tank causes an Error #0.
Fix  Fix69204.08.0074Error "Invalid entries in highlighted fields" when modifying email subject and message from a rule
Fix  Fix69004.08.0074Cannot load the data log, no error message shown
Fix  Fix68904.08.0074When selecting tests for the "Perform Test" right, partial selections are saved and loaded correctly instead of selecting all tests
Fix  Fix68304.08.0074Dashboard item selections do not save correctly when multiple dashboards are used
Feature  Feature68804.08.0073When creating a new Scheduled Add, a new "Comments" button allows adding comments that will appear on the add sheet
Feature  Feature68704.08.0073Added a new Scheduled item type called "Print custom" which prints user-created comments
Fix  Fix67604.08.0072Script errors on rules or formulas that use SPC values such as LCL or UCL
Fix  Fix67404.08.0072Users assigned to a group may not appear in group membership or may appear multiple times
Fix  Fix67704.08.0071Error "The parameter is incorrect" when viewing the tank placards using non-english version of TrueChem
Fix  Fix67504.08.0069Error #3001 or scheduled adds not shown on process level addslip signoff
Fix  Fix67304.08.0068Dashboard may show NaN instead of a number when showing time remaining or time past due
Fix  Fix67204.08.0068Dashboard may not show AM & PM correctly
Fix  Fix66904.08.0068Clicking 'Change Password' on User Login when the username is invalid causes an Error #0
Fix  Fix66804.08.0068"Error #0 PublishDestinations ct" when viewing advanced result options
Feature  Feature66304.08.0067Data Log headings have been modified to clarify the differences in similar fields.
Fix  Fix66404.08.0067Corrected a database error which occurred when signing off a Test Report when grid was in "All Test Reports" view.
Feature  Feature64104.08.0066Add an identifier to the Addslip Log to show the type of an entry, such as addslip, other scheduled item, transfer letter, etc.
Fix  Fix66504.08.0066Error 'No value given for one or more parameters' when entering values in the test grid
Fix  Fix66204.08.0066Error 0 SchedDescID when clicking the print\save button
Feature  Feature64404.08.0065A 60-day expiration option has been added to the Inventory Reports, Expiration view
Fix  Fix66104.08.0065Data log does not correctly display values with decimals when the decimal separator is a comma
Fix  Fix65804.08.0065Error 9 when viewing graphs
Fix  Fix65504.08.0065Un-Retiring a Lot does not make the Lot visible to perform manual transactions against
Fix  Fix65404.08.0065New tanks show formatting codes instead of formatted text in the makeup notes
Fix  Fix64504.08.0065Corrected a mistaken status for inventory lots that are On Order in the Lot Management form.
Fix  Fix65304.08.0064DataServer error "The parameter is incorrect"
Feature  Feature63304.08.0063New button on Advanced Settings screen to adjust past due schedules after initial installation
Feature  Feature60704.08.0063Default Library Printing HTML template was updated to include Group and Object identification in the heading.
Fix  Fix65204.08.0063Common windows shortcut keys (ctrl+a,b,y,z) no longer activate inventory screens
Fix  Fix63804.08.0063Flashing status values for schedule, addslips, exceptions do not update
Fix  Fix63504.08.0063Error 9 when viewing component overlay and using Volume Adjusted
Fix  Fix63404.08.0063Error 9 when viewing graphs
Fix  Fix63004.08.0063When the schedule system is disabled, scheduled items no longer appear in the schedule log
Fix  Fix61904.08.0063Importing user rights from the system administrator account may not grant rights to all functions
Fix  Fix61404.08.0063User and Group name length increased from 28 to 128 characters
Fix  Fix61304.08.0063Improved automatic resizing of columns in grids
Fix  Fix57304.08.0063When editing views with viewable set to "Only me (default)", the editor incorrectly shows the viewable as "All users (default)"
Fix  Fix35104.08.0063Inventory lot notes are not visible from the lot notes screen
Fix  Fix34404.08.0063SPC values may be mismatched on dashboard and result settings report
Fix  Fix61204.08.0061Error 'Invalid column name 'DescriptionID' when performing a test
Fix  Fix31804.08.0059Changes to the tank volume may not be saved to the database when editing the volume field and then immediately going to the perform test screen
Feature  Feature60304.08.0058Error 58 no longer displayed when an addsheet ID already exists
Feature  Feature60004.08.0058Add revision control to the Placard system
Feature  Feature59904.08.0058Changed the format of several fields from Rich Text Format to HTML format
Feature  Feature59504.08.0058Create a new library type called 'Lookup Table' and TrueChem variables called [lib.TableLookupX(libname,Y)] and [lib.TableLookupY(libname,X)] (more info)
Feature  Feature58904.08.0058Added "selection tables" feature on input items  (more info)
Feature  Feature58104.08.0058New variable [OBJ.MAKEUPHTML] for displaying makeup information as HTML
Feature  Feature58004.08.0058Testing an adjustment calculation from the adjustment setup screen shows more informaiton including the amount calculated, amount calculated with increments applied, and final add amount.
Feature  Feature57904.08.0058Rules that check spec or user limits automatically add very high or very low default values when those limits are empty
Feature  Feature57804.08.0058Adjustment item variables are now formatted using the number of decimals if no format is specified
Fix  Fix60404.08.0058Javascript dashboard incorrectly shows "AM" instead of "PM" for tests entered between "12:00 PM" and "12:59 PM"
Fix  Fix59704.08.0058Error #381 when trying to create a group user account
Fix  Fix59604.08.0058[adj.PercentOfMakeup] variable may return the wrong total
Fix  Fix59004.08.0058The Print Library list option for rules and schedules is simplified to make selections easier
Fix  Fix12804.08.0058When copying and pasting in big text fields, data is sometimes pasted twice
Feature  Feature58704.08.0056Tests Performed by User Report now includes a Total for all categories reported.
Fix  Fix59104.08.0056"Row cannot be located for updating" error during a database update
Fix  Fix58804.08.0056User rights warning message is displayed if the user does not have rights to read or write to it the "HTMLImages" folder in the shared network folder
Fix  Fix58304.08.0056Automatic column resizing sometimes does not stretch to fill properly
Feature  Feature57604.08.0055Add "Event description" column to the Event Log
Feature  Feature57504.08.0055Add two new variables, [OBJ.HMISHTMLIMAGE] and [OBJ.PPEHTMLIMAGES]
Feature  Feature57404.08.0055Add a new Placard system. Placards can be printed via the Document Manager (more info)
Feature  Feature56304.08.0055Add "print preview" text to addsheet when previewing an addsheet before printing\saving
Feature  Feature55804.08.0055The Family, Section & Description fields of the Colors2 table are now all resource references.
Fix  Fix57704.08.0055Javascript dashboard formatted dates and times are missing leading zeros
Fix  Fix57204.08.0055"Host" mode no longer requires a license key or dongle to process jobs
Fix  Fix57104.08.0055User rights incorrectly showed "selected" rights when no items were selected
Fix  Fix56604.08.0055"Signed Off Date" and "Signed Off By" fields may be empty in the data log
Fix  Fix56404.08.0055Document manager shows additive documents for additives that have been deleted from the tank setup
Fix  Fix56204.08.0055When calculating partial adjustment amounts with scripts, the "Add=" assignment statement is more flexible.
Fix  Fix55904.08.0055Changes and corrections to several German language resources
Fix  Fix53504.08.0055Error "Timeout expired" or long load times in the data log
Fix  Fix53404.08.0055Fixed language issue on the modify additive screen
Fix  Fix53304.08.0055Bookmark notes field now accepts more characters and punctuation
Fix  Fix53204.08.0055Language edits in a few minor places to remove industry specific terms
Feature  Feature54304.08.0054Dashboard source files updated with reset and initialization of variables.
Fix  Fix56004.08.0054Specific controls have been resized to accomodate foreign translation.
Fix  Fix55704.08.0053Corrected a mis-labeled button control on the More dialog.
Fix  Fix55304.08.0053Field widths on System Setup / TestReport tab have been adjusted to accept longer text lengths required by some foreign languages.
Fix  Fix53904.08.0053Corrected a phrase on the Additive dialog that was in error for several foriegn language translations.
Feature  Feature52904.08.0051New Graph Option - Volume Adjusted will adjust each Result and graph the value as if the Tank level were at optimum when the Require Level Input option is set for the test
Feature  Feature52504.08.0051When the treeview control displays checkboxes, it now contains gray 'partial' check marks instead of gray backgrounds
Feature  Feature48904.08.0051Completed enhancements to the Object Settings Report to include additional PPE & HMIS columns. These columns are available in custom view definitions.
Fix  Fix53104.08.0051The password reset field is sometimes visible on the "Default" user account. Because the Default user is a system level account, it does not need a password or the ability to set or reset the password.
Fix  Fix52804.08.0051The setting Require Level Input will no longer cause an error when viewing graphs or updating SPC information on a SQL Server system
Fix  Fix52604.08.0051Error #5 when trying to print group level reports in a unicode database
Fix  Fix52404.08.0051Error #9 when selecting too many graph items for the component overlay graph
Fix  Fix52004.08.0051Error "The data types text and varchar are incompatible in the equal to operator" when modifying a document path
Fix  Fix51804.08.0051Additional fields with additive information are now available in managed custom views of the Inventory On Order report.
Fix  Fix51304.08.0051Using the month selector on the calendar, the selection will sometimes go to the beginning on the current month instead of the beginning on the next or previous month.
Fix  Fix50404.08.0051Note dialogs will now open with the focus on the input field
Fix  Fix51904.08.0050A custom Adjustment script will now calculate properly when a partial remake is being called for.
Fix  Fix50104.08.0050Attempting to enter a negative number as a test input results in getting two '-' signs
Feature  Feature52204.08.0049Enhanced fields of Custom Report I to include Result Items in addition to Adjustment Items
Fix  Fix52104.08.0049Custom Report name can now be customized within a customer's database.
Fix  Fix51704.08.0048In the Inventory System, automatic printing of Lot Labels upon Receipt of Lot can be turned off if not applicable.
Fix  Fix51604.08.0048New settings have been added to installation options menu.
Fix  Fix51504.08.0048Default Remake Notes are now taken from Language Resource.
Fix  Fix51404.08.0048Corrected a problem with emergency password under specific regional settings
Fix  Fix51104.08.0048Items Not Scheduled now reflect this status properly in the Result Settings Report
Fix  Fix50804.08.0048Data Log Column Heading for Startup (S) now using the proper language resource.
Feature  Feature50204.08.0047New unit "feet per minute" added to the units list
Feature  Feature49204.08.0047Result Settings Report has been enhanced with additional fields available when creating custom views.
Feature  Feature49004.08.0047Treatment Data Report now does not show up in the list of report options if the Treatment System is disabled.
Feature  Feature48304.08.0047Inventory - Lot Balance Report now contains all fields pertaining to a lot of consumable. New fields are defaulted to hidden but can be added in custom views of the report.
Feature  Feature47004.08.0047When Renaming a Group or Object, the dialog contains access to the item's additional fields (3 through 12) by use of the More button.
Feature  Feature46504.08.0047Scanning a barcode of a test report ID will initiate the sign-off dialog for that test report if the test report is found to be outstanding and if no other dialogs in TrueChem are currently open. A subsequent second scan will sign off the entire add slip. A scan of a previously signed off addslip will display this status along with date/time of sign off.
Feature  Feature46304.08.0047New Consumables Report which includes a simple list of consumables and consumables by association
Feature  Feature45704.08.0047When a deactivated group or object is selected in the tree, the status of DEACTIVATED is displayed in the information window below the tree and the tree item is turned gray.
Feature  Feature45604.08.0047A selector has been placed on the Addslip tab of Object Setup to select from multiple Test Summary Report formats if they exist in the database
Feature  Feature44904.08.0047Inserting [Value] in the 'Display As' text string will convert to the result value when used in the Data Log, Test Summary Report, Graph Bubble
Fix  Fix50304.08.0047Unit conversion error on "Feet per second" unit
Fix  Fix50004.08.0047Late schedule emails are incorrectly sent when items are not late because of a problem with the email escalation feature
Fix  Fix49904.08.0047Error #0 ResponsibleUser at various times
Fix  Fix49604.08.0047Due by date on addsheets are incorrectly set to January of 1980
Fix  Fix49504.08.0047Error #381 on Scheduled Add form if fields are filled out in a specific order
Fix  Fix48804.08.0047HMIS graphic was not resized when windows fonts was increased.
Fix  Fix48204.08.0047Error #0 StockUnitID when modifying add amount on group test report with inventoried consumable
Fix  Fix48004.08.0047Schedule email messages can use the user defined fields on an object
Fix  Fix47904.08.0047The Object Settings Report is now titled using the system term for Object. ie: [nam.object] Settings
Fix  Fix47704.08.0047Error 9 when updating TrueChem to database version 4.8.41
Fix  Fix47304.08.0047Schedule worksheet not printed correctly when using a grouped grid view
Fix  Fix46104.08.0047Error 13 when checking for updates
Fix  Fix45804.08.0047Random error 6 when attempting a variety of actions
Fix  Fix45504.08.0047If an Addslip is pending approval, it can not be printed or distributed while being viewed from the Addslip Log or the associated Object's Data Log.
Fix  Fix45404.08.0047'Additive cannot be changed' error message when modifying an adjustment item
Fix  Fix45304.08.0047Column header formatting is incorrect when the column heading only contains numbers.
Fix  Fix45204.08.0047Added detailed error messages for email errors
Fix  Fix45104.08.0047Distribution email name field now accepts spaces
Fix  Fix45004.08.0047Error 13 in Addsheet log
Fix  Fix40304.08.0047Script error dialog now reports proper line number.
Fix  Fix34504.08.0047Using the automatic logout option in TrueChem sometimes forces the user to login two times
Fix  Fix47804.08.0044Invalid column position error when viewing the Consumable or Tank Settings report
Fix  Fix47604.08.0043Schedule past due message dialog incorrectly displayed every minute
Fix  Fix47504.08.0043List of chemical totals was not showing in the Add Amount report unless "Show Cost" was checked.
Feature  Feature46704.08.0042A new user right has been created, "Manually check New Makeup", that allows/disallows a user to check the New Makeup option on the Output Tab of a test. This new right is defaulted to match the existing right of "Print/Save Test" for each user or group.
Feature  Feature46604.08.0042Barcode scanners can now be utilized as a keyboard wedge device to enable sample, inventory and test report transactions.
Feature  Feature38204.08.0042A new User Right (Add New Additives) now exists to establish a user's permission to add a new additive to TrueChem. This right is defaulted to the current right of Tank Setup/Modify Test Tab.
Feature  Feature45904.08.0040Modify Add Amount report to allow make-ups and adjustments to be reported separately
Fix  Fix46004.08.0040A Schedule Frequency can only be deleted if it is not being used by any Scheduled Item at any Frequency Level (Normal, Accelerated, Decelerated).
Fix  Fix44804.08.0039Error 10 when trying to perform a scheduled test from the schedule log
Feature  Feature44604.08.0038When a locked object is selected in the tree, the status of LOCKED by Past Due Addslip or LOCKED by Exception (or both) is displayed in the information window below the tree and the tree item is turned red.
Fix  Fix44704.08.0038Cannot connect to a SQL databases on Unicode computers
Fix  Fix44504.08.0038Added a warning when trying to change a user's password when ActiveDirectory password checking is enabled
Fix  Fix44404.08.0038Data log options are correctly enabled or disabled based on the row and cell selected
Fix  Fix44204.08.0038Password field now accepts a larger range of special characters
Fix  Fix44104.08.0038Corrective actions with no allotted time may cause a signoff loop that requires a restart
Fix  Fix44004.08.0038Error #94 when copying a tank
Fix  Fix43904.08.0038Following corrections/clarifications have been made to the Result Settings Report: - Added a Status column for Current Result - Added a Status column for Schedule (Not Due, Due, or Late) - "Not Scheduled" in short frequency schedule field when appropriate - untested results now show a blank Current value, not zero - Other items now have Object description consistent with Result items
Fix  Fix39404.08.0037After copying a Tank, the new Tank now reflects the current date/time as the Created and Last Changed date/time. The Last Remake date/time is set to 0.
Feature  Feature43804.08.0036New variable [adj.samplebeforeadds] that returns 0 if there are no outstanding adds for the ADJ value used and the last signed off add was signed off before the current tests sample date time. Returns 1 if the are outstanding adds for the ADJ value or the last signed off add was signed off after the current tests sample date time.
Feature  Feature43604.08.0036CheckPasswordWithLDAP added to Advanced TrueChem Settings dialog
Fix  Fix43704.08.0036Error #3021 when activating a process or tank
Fix  Fix43504.08.0036Dashboard pages are updated appropriately when using group level add sheets
Fix  Fix43304.08.0036Error #400 when adding a new inventory lot
Feature  Feature42704.08.0035Main grids can now be sorted, grouped, and rearranged. Settings can be saved globally or per user (more info)
Feature  Feature37504.08.0035A new report to display all properties defined for each {Object} existing in a TrueChem installation.
Feature  Feature13104.08.0035Added DefaultMetric Flag to cause new items to be created with metric units instead of english units.
Feature  Feature13004.08.0035Added "No Password Required" option to user accounts
Fix  Fix43204.08.0035SPC values included in emails or notes may show the decimal point in the wrong location
Fix  Fix43004.08.0035Error #3021 When adding or modifying a bookmark type or viewing the data log
Fix  Fix42904.08.0035HMIS & PPE information is now accurately reported in the Object Settings Report. The information shown is a "rolled up" accumulation of the HMIS & PPE information associated with all additives (make-up + additive) plus the information defined for the object (tank).
Fix  Fix42804.08.0035Limit Range combo box is now properly initialized when adding a new Result item to a test
Fix  Fix42504.08.0035Zeroing an add amount before signoff removes original amount from inventory
Fix  Fix42204.08.0035Logged in user name is empty when using Active Directory user management
Fix  Fix42004.08.0035Deleted Processes and Tanks are not deleted from the dashboard
Fix  Fix41904.08.0035Saving a subgroup size of 2 in the graph settings always reverts to a subgroup size of 1
Fix  Fix40804.08.0035Error #5 when selecting items for component overlay graph
Fix  Fix40704.08.0035A misspelling in the "The DataServer may be down..." message box has been corrected.
Fix  Fix40004.08.0035Users without rights can edit views in the view editor
Fix  Fix39904.08.0035Startup column status not displayed correctly in the data log
Fix  Fix39804.08.0035Elapsed times on data log are incorrect
Fix  Fix39604.08.0035Using the 'Store as cumulative' option causes unpredictable values in calculations
Fix  Fix39204.08.0035Error #5 when clicking 'Test' button on result setup screen
Fix  Fix37904.08.0035'Select All' and 'Copy' shortcut keys on data log do not work correctly
Fix  Fix37704.08.0035Grid action buttons are not aligned correctly when viewing the schedule forecast
Fix  Fix37604.08.0035Tree selector does not work for some selections
Fix  Fix37304.08.0035'Do now' action from schedule log menu causes Error #5
Fix  Fix37104.08.0035Automatic email authentication may fail when user name and password are not empty
Fix  Fix37004.08.0035Email queue contains "blank" msg files and stops sending
Fix  Fix36704.08.0035Error #76 Path not found when using the EnhancedDashboard and UNC dashboard paths
Fix  Fix36104.08.0035Makeup only items missing from "Tests performed by user" report
Fix  Fix36004.08.0035Page not found error when signing off Addsheet
Fix  Fix35804.08.0035Date range on add amount report sometimes ignores start date
Fix  Fix35704.08.0035LDAP password check fails when password is blank
Fix  Fix35604.08.0035[ADJ.PercentOfMakeup] and [ADJ.Accum] variables sometimes give incorrect totals
Fix  Fix35504.08.0035Inputs on test details show 0 instead of text when data is stored as text
Fix  Fix35404.08.0035Error 430 Class does not support automation or does not support expected interface
Fix  Fix35304.08.0035Error 'Field ‘bookmarknote’ cannot be a zero length string' when moving tanks
Fix  Fix34704.08.0035Distributing an addsheet sends a blank page instead of the contents of the addsheet
Fix  Fix34604.08.0035"Row cannot be located" error when doing a bulk signoff of addsheets
Fix  Fix34204.08.0035Unicode support for MSSQL databases and connection files
Fix  Fix34004.08.0035Fix "Row cannot be located for updating error" during startup when updating TrueChem
Fix  Fix33904.08.0035"Invalid row position error" when right clicking in the data log
Fix  Fix33804.08.0035Error #9 subscript out of range appears randomly or on dataserver
Fix  Fix33204.08.0035Period character now allowed in the TrueChem user name field
Fix  Fix32904.08.0035Error #6 Overflow on startup
Fix  Fix32804.08.0035Users could incorrectly skip schedules with the user right "Perform Test" instead of "Skip schedules"
Fix  Fix32604.08.0035When signing off add amounts, inventory lots are now chosen based on nearest expiration date then by oldest received date
Fix  Fix32404.08.0035"Last value" field on the dashboard display may show the incorrect number
Fix  Fix32104.08.0035Graph does not include data point within same minute when showing by day range
Fix  Fix32004.08.0035Error #0 DueShowPopup on the dataserver
Fix  Fix31704.08.0035Message box displays & as _
Fix  Fix31404.08.0035Manual inventory input action switches to "subtract from inventory" if you select the action before entering an amount
Fix  Fix31304.08.0035Importing rights from the Admin TrueChem account does not import all rights.
Fix  Fix31104.08.0035Error 400 when receiving inventory lot
Fix  Fix31004.08.0035"Modify adjustments after printing\saving" does not work correctly when using "selected" rights
Fix  Fix30704.08.0035Added extra email address verification
Fix  Fix30504.08.0035Other schedule item description now appears in the notes section along with action type
Feature  Feature42404.08.0034Test performed report shows 'Display As' values if available
Fix  Fix42304.08.0034Test performed report does not display numbers with decimals correctly
Feature  Feature41804.08.0030A system level option flag now exists that when set to True, will insert the default operating level of an object into the input field when it is required for a test.
Fix  Fix41404.08.0030Checking then subsequently unchecking the "New Makeup" option on the output tab of an object test results in accurate information reflected on the addslip.
Fix  Fix41304.08.0030Text input items are now accurately reported on the data log.
Fix  Fix41204.08.0030All documents associated with an object, it's make-up or additions now appear when in object test. Any document will only appear in the list once if associated with more than on element.
Feature  Feature41504.08.0029The database backup button is now no longer an option if a SQL Server database is in use.
Fix  Fix41604.08.0029Startup Tests are properly marked in the Data Log and all applicable areas.
Feature  Feature36604.08.0016This feature allows the system to be globally switched between two defined precision levels, based on the number of decimal points specified for each calculated result. - Total Decimals = Spec Decimals + Extra Decimals - Results & Adds are always calculated with highest precision available (total decimals) - Database will always store the highest precision available (total decimals)
Fix  Fix36904.08.0016Inventory add amount splitting when using group reports may not remove correct amount from lots
Fix  Fix36204.08.0016If Default User did not have rights to Run TrueChem, the program would close when attempting to be started in Dataserver mode. Additional verification was introduced so when the Dataserver command line argument is specified, TrueChem will start even if Default User does not have the right to Run TrueChem.